Every ROCK has its thorn

Remember, kids, always have a librarian on your side.

C-U Blogfidential agent The Voice has theorized using Internet evidence that the reality show rolling into Champaign-Urbana later this week (see item: 8/27/08) is VH-1‘s randy ROCK OF LOVE WITH BRET MICHAELS. I will claim relative ignorance about this show (let alone the entire programming slate of MTV‘s formerly vanilla sister network) except that it seems to take pages out of the FLAVOR OF LOVE playbook. If anyone wants to verify or throttle The Voice’s brilliant deduction, please drop us a line and I’ll break it to him gently.

This season supposedly involves a “love bus” which travels the United States as the Poison lead singer attempts to choose the series’ winner. It might account for a slightly bizarre job ad that appeared recently on Craigslist Champaign-Urbana soliciting for production assistants capable of “driving 15 pass(enger) vans” and being “very knowledgeable of the Danville/Champaign area,” among other things.

Otherwise, the show is still looking to fill several technical positions according to Courtney Womack of the Champaign County Convention & Visitors Bureau. It would be pretty poor on C-U’s part if not enough local professionals could step up and demonstrate to Hollywood that we’re ready and able to assist in visual media production. Jobs include:

  • 1 Production Assistant for Art, Sept. 16-21
  • 1 Production Assistant for General Production, Sept. 18-19, 21
  • Camera Man, Sept. 20
  • Audio Mixer, Sept. 20
  • Certified EMT with Medic Kit

Please contact Womack at (217) 351-4133 or courtneyw [at] champaigncounty [dot] org if interested in applying for a gig.

~ Jason Pankoke

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