Study acting, producing in August

Even though filmmaking classes are a perennial no-show on our college campuses, local sources outside the formal academic realm can occasionally provide the means to investigate the various processes which factor into motion picture production. How astounding is it, then, for not one, not two, but three such opportunities to arise within a three week period? Better buckle up, MacDuff!

To begin, journalist and screenwriter Marc Sigloff recently alerted C-U Blogfidential that a three-day seminar conducted by acting coach Tom Logan will take place from this Friday, August 1, through Sunday, August 3, at the Prairie Capitol Convention Center, 1 Convention Center Plaza, Springfield, IL. Logan has written four books about the acting trade and performed in dozens of commercials and television episodes; directing credits include independent features such as SHAKMA with Roddy McDowall and DREAM TRAP with Kristy Swanson. Contact Sigloff at davros [at] fgi [dot] net or (217) 698-9887 for seating availability, start times, and pricing.

Back in the state capital a few days later, Cameron Counts of The Writing Initiative will host a one-day event on Tuesday, August 5, 6 p.m., featuring guest speaker Cheryl Croasmun, who runs Class 3 Entertainment in Los Angeles with her husband, Hal. Class 3 specializes in developing high-concept material, attaching talent to it, and presenting complete packages to production companies and networks. “This [seminar] will be a half class, half Q&A session about producing and what producers are looking for,” says Counts in his announcement, “and there will be a short pitch session afterwards.” Cost is $15; location will be Kicks Family Entertainment Center, 2744 S. Sixth St., Springfield, IL. Contact Counts at nmdcone [at] yahoo [dot] com for further information.

Finally, Chicago freelance videographer Alaric S. Rocha (see item: 4/4/07) returns to Champaign-Urbana for a three-day, hands-on production workshop that will take place Friday, August 15, through Sunday, August 17, with location(s) to be determined. The intensive session will cover all aspects of low-budget filmmaking and culminate in short group projects started and completed on the final day. Cost is $100 for the event, sponsored by the brand-new Champaign Movie Makers club founded by Johnny Robinson. Additional questions about the workshop or CMM can be directed to Robinson at johnny [at] johnnyrobinson [dot] com.

~ Jason Pankoke

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