Reality show shoots Sept. in C-U

C-U Blogfidential received the following employment opportunity from our friend Nathan Rice at the Champaign County Convention & Visitor’s Bureau, via co-worker Courtney Womack:

A highly rated reality TV show is coming to Champaign to film September 18, 19, & 21, 2008. They are looking to hire a local crew for the following:

  • Local PAs (Talent, Prep, Production, Art Dept) – Sept. 17-21
  • Wardrobe Assistant, Lighting, and Art Dept Swing person in case they have any elaborate challenges
  • Camera and Audio for Broll and Interviews – Sept. 20-21

Those with reality experience will be extremely helpful. They would like to get a crew together by the end of this week. If interested, please email courtneyw [at] champaigncounty [dot] org or jackiepalombo [at] yahoo [dot] com.

Although it’s unclear exactly which show this will be for, a light Internet search reveals that Palombo is a producer and location manager based in Rhode Island who has worked on programming for several cable stations including Showtime, the Food Network, and CNBC.

Then again, it’s also unclear exactly how many able-bodied workers “with reality experience” they’re expecting to find stationed at the ready in Champaign-Urbana, but I’m sure that stranger coincidences have occured in the entertainment world.

~ Jason Pankoke

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