Best. CUBlog. Posts. EVER. Pt.3

More links for your merriment! During the next four weeks, we will post weekly groupings of five key posts from the first five years of C-U Blogfidential’s existence and tell you a little bit about why we chose the ones we did. The selections this outing also appear in the special C-U Confidential full-color insert, C-U Blogfidential Exceeds the Fifth!, which will debut as a stand-alone freebie at the Art Theater in downtown Champaign this Friday, April 8, during the New Art Film Festival! Feel free to click away and read what has gone before; leave Comments below about those stories or your own favorite CUBlog entries. Revel!

~ Jason Pankoke

Select C-U Blogfidential Stories, 2006-2011
Part 3 of 6

Bonuses scarce for ADM story,” 2/13/10 – We analyze the tepid box office returns of THE INFORMANT!, partly because it was interesting to think through and partly because the average local movie never gets this far in distribution. We also shout out to Mark Whitacre for taking on The Man, however crackpot his methodology, and our man Tim Cain for weathering the Decatur-to-Hollywood-and-back express.

Nine little nuggets for 9/9/09,” 9/9/09 – Appearing between our final Coming Soon and the current C-U Biz-en-scène column, this post effectively describes a multi-faceted C-U film culture by highlighting more than just public screenings. We shout out to all the local theaters, organizations, societies, promoters, filmmakers, and crazy kids with dreams for perpetuating the film arts in the C-U!

Is rapport not WANTED with C-U?” 7/11/08 – Constructive criticism is not out of the question on CUBlog. Here, we take the Illinois Film Office to task for promoting Chicago-centric gains but failing to engage central Illinois in dialogue about how “the Biz” could benefit us more regularly. We shout out to all the nearby film folk who turned up seeking sustenance but only receiving a sugar rush.

Chicago Sun-Times quotes CUBlog,” 2/24/07 – Regarding Jay Rosenstein’s documentary IN WHOSE HONOR?, our appearance in the pages of a major daily provided early validation that our work had merit outside Champaign, Urbana, and the cities beyond. We shout out to intelligent, steadfast citizens the world over for fighting the needed fight against abuses in authority and privilege.

Q&A du C-U: Jason Butler,” 4/22/06 – Every long-form interview we’ve published is our favorite for various reasons, but we’ll always recall the first one featuring JB of WEREWOLF CEMETERY fame as a homespun gem. We shout “Ca-CAW!” to Pi Omega Omega for keeping the faith in our Brainsmart friend who could have given up on this unwieldy four-part lycanthropocalypse if he wanted to.

Bonus: “Yes indeed, Serdar will kick ass!” 4/6/2009 – Sometimes we’ll be as glib as we want to be, especially when irreverence inspires us such as with Dark Maze Studios’ import, RAMPAGE. We shout out to Eric Sizemore for shouting, grunting, pontificating, commanding, and chewing on (imaginary?) scenery as multi-character voiceover artist.

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