Best. CUBlog. Posts. EVER. Pt.4

Don’t even try to stop our train of thought now! During the next three weeks, we will post weekly groupings of five key posts from the first five years of C-U Blogfidential’s existence and tell you a little bit about why we chose the ones we did. Feel free to click away and read what has gone before; leave Comments below about those stories or your own favorite CUBlog entries. All aboard!

~ Jason Pankoke

Select C-U Blogfidential Stories, 2006-2011
Part 4 of 6

C-U Biz-en-scène: 8.12.2010,” 8/12/10 – In the third edition of our “all-purpose” weekly column, we discovered the charm and delivered on its potential for effectively chronicling C-U movie culture in all its permutations. We shout out to everyone in Champaign, Urbana, and the cities beyond for providing the meat to our backbone with all their wonderful and/or crazy projects!

Old theaters appear in C-U books,” 9/28/09 – Very few print volumes have addressed the movies or movie-going of Champaign-Urbana, so it’s nice to see a few palaces appear in the ephemeral books Champaign and Urbana from Arcadia Publishing. We shout out to Raymond Bial, Ilona Matkovski, and Dennis Roberts for picturing the older theaters in their respective collections.

BE BOLD! proceeds Oct. 25 to C-U,” 10/24/08 – How can one not respond to artistic personalities whose wit and exuberance also permeate their work? We shout out to “lowly” print maker Amos Paul Kennedy, Jr., for following his muse and prolifically (hand) cranking out striking graphics, and also to Laura Zinger of 20K Films for invigorating her documentary career by telling his story through her camera lens.

Fifth public access channel afoot?” 12/12/07 – We’re intrigued with the thought of bringing our Confidential selves to the masses via cable access, crossing over as did our friends at who took to the WEFT-FM airwaves. We shout out to the open-minded C-U film folk who’ve already convinced these outlets to broadcast their work, breaking the glut of dry and predictable programming.

MUMMY, WEREWOLF prowl again,” 4/15/2006 – Coming down from the communal euphoria fed by everyone attending last week’s New Art Film Festival, we applaud our featured filmmakers who aggressively publicized the show alongside us. We also shout out to independent movie artists everywhere unafraid to ballyhoo creatively, even when it means doing it themselves to get their cinema seen.

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