Best. CUBlog. Posts. EVER. Pt.6

We’ll squeeze in this final grouping of five key posts from the first five years of C-U Blogfidential’s existence tonight before Roger Ebert’s Film Festival kicks in tomorrow! We’ll also tell you a little bit about why we chose the ones we did, although it would be very impressive to hear you regurgitate our motives accurately a week from now. Feel free to click away and read what has gone before – even the links not relating to “Ebertfest” in some way – and please leave Comments below about those stories or your own favorite CUBlog entries. Hope you’ve enjoyed this “Magical History Tour!”

~ Jason Pankoke

Select C-U Blogfidential Stories, 2006-2011
Part 6 of 6

NATPE expo shows value of TV,” 11/10/10: At the risk of sounding facetious, local filmmakers want their movies to be seen outside Champaign, Urbana, and the cities beyond, too! (Is that so wrong?) They owe such an effort to everyone involved in the process of making their work, whether for business or other reasons. We shout out to Robin Christian for providing us a peek into his industry travels.

Article du C-U: Ebertfest X, pt.4,” 2/12/09: Anthony Zoubek’s analysis of the Ebertfest phenomena, relative to its 10th occurence in 2008, is exactly the kind of detailed but accessible writing we’d love to showcase on CUBlog a lot more often. We shout out to Zoubek for filing material at a level above and beyond what we deserve; the linked installment on Paul Schrader’s MISHIMA is outstanding.

When Roger met Nina (& Sita, too),” 1/28/09: A prime example of the famous doing good for the sake of art, Roger Ebert’s attentiveness to Urbana native Nina Paley’s SITA SINGS THE BLUES gave this virtual one-woman animated tour de force a big boost towards recognition and legitimate DVD release. If our upturned thumbs could talk, they’d be shouting out to both Paley and Ebert (& SITA, too).

Critique du C-U: SHOT reloaded,” 10/6/06: We’ll say it – the 1973 UIUC student-made, feature length SHOT is a quintessential bad movie. Yet, we’re still entertained by it in that fuzzy 2 a.m., “Did we really just watch this?” sort of way. We shout out to “Ebertfest” director Nate Kohn and collaborator Mitch Brown for setting aside graduate studies to cut loose on and off campus with their camera.

It was 10 years ago this week…,” 3/7/09: We wrap up our suggested CUBlog reading with this item, less to blow our own horn than as a reminder that you – yes, you – will the biggest fan and hardest-working contributor on your own projects. Never expect anything to be accomplished without selflessly applying your dedication, talents, smarts, and wits. Therefore, C-U movie people, we shout out to YOU!

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