Foist your fear film 4 times over

Even though we’re on a self-imposed (non) vacation from timely C-U Blogfidential reporting, we expect our dearest reader-filmmakers to keep up the fight in the name of fueling that indie fire! To aid their perseverance in our absence, we offer this action-packed final warning for all those dealing with the dark side in their cinema because four Halloween-time festivals have due dates peeking over the eerie prairie horizon. First up is a last-minute mention of the long-running Chicago Horror Film Festival (September 23-25) which requests your Withoutabox communiqué by this Friday, August 5. And then comes the deadline for an event predating everyone’s favorite commercialized pagan holiday by a week, the Dark Carnival Film Festival (October 21-23) of Bloomington, IN, which needs to receive the scary by Friday, August 12, for potential inclusion. After that, you should not run but shamble like the undead to your neighborhood Post Office and get your fright flick mailed by Tuesday, August 30, to the Drunken Zombie Film Festival (November 4-5) of Peoria. Last but certainly not least – lest a certain Mr. Bunny call us on the synthetic green carpet for lack of taste – is the Freeky Creek Short Film Festival (October 28-30) in nearby Fairmount, the organizers of which would love to have first peek at your goods no later than Wednesday, August 31. Remember to wrap up those screeners tight so they arrive safely at their final destinations!

~ Jason Pankoke

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