CU99 ad deadline now Nov. 16

It’s time, folks! The clock is ticking and our window is shrinking! We must book eight to 10 pages of advertising for C-U Confidential ’99, the upcoming inaugural one-shot issue from your ambassadors of local movie culture at the Secret MICRO-FILM Headquarters!

We’ve pushed back the CU99 street date to January 2012, allowing extra time for us to put it together the right way and also work in some extracurricular activity we simply couldn’t pass up. This includes your humble editor’s stints on stage at the UIUC Armory Free Theatre for a production of Stop Kiss by Diana Son next week Friday, October 14, and Saturday, October 15, as well as on the Danville set of Mike Boedicker’s film THE HAUNTED HOUSE beginning next month.

The new and absolutely final booking and payment deadline for CU99 will hit Wednesday, November 16, 5 p.m. CST. If ad coverage – and pre-sales, which we’ll be discussing in an imminent post – falls short, CU99 will either be cancelled or pushed way back on the overall MICRO-FILM production timeline.

Read over our original press release and then check out our quite reasonable ad rates. You will find a downloadable PDF at the latter link detailing everything you need to know for placing your awesome promotional message in the pages of the first CUZine to grace 2012!

~ Jason Pankoke

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