Will no.6 be bliss for CUZine?

Do you have a desire to play a starring role in “Making Our Scene,” creative media makers of Champaign, Urbana, and the cities beyond? One surefire way to land the part is to effectively communicate your products, services, organizations, and talents through the sixth serendipitous issue of C-U Confidential digest! We plan to street CUZine #6 on Friday, April 20, at the next New Art Film Festival, an event of the Champaign County-wide Boneyard Arts Festival, and then expand its reach when the latest Roger Ebert’s Film Festival unfolds one week later. Feel free to audition at any time!

We’ve increased our advertising rates slightly because we expect to have a larger print run for CUZine #6. We therefore hope that area and national advertisers will be encouraged to take advantage of our still-reasonable prices and targeted distribution at movie and media festivals, conventions, and other events! The tight booking window means final artwork and payment will need to arrive on the Secret MICRO-FILM Headquarters doorstep no later than Friday, March 30, 5 p.m. CST. Three proactive customers have already snapped up valuable space – including our back cover – so don’t procrastinate and risk getting bounced from the Confidential casting couch!

All base pricing and policies have been updated on our cheat sheet Page here at CUBlog. PDFs with complete rates and artwork specifications will be linked from this Page by Saturday, March 3, or you can request them directly from your humble editor via e-mail. Any further questions, please ask!

We appreciate your patronage as well as everybody’s readership. Join us in our efforts to educate and entertain the local masses about locally-made mass media by using the printed word. After all, 2012 celebrates the Revenge of Revenge of Print and we simply wouldn’t want to be left out!

~ Jason Pankoke

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