IOW: Rock doc ready to roll out

C-U Blogfidential friend Bob Zimmerman of R.A.Z. Films in nearby Villa Grove revealed to your humble editor that his long gestating portrait of Champaign-Urbana rock music is almost ready to make itself heard! Finally sporting a title – OUT OF NOWHERE – the two-hour-long piece strings together numerous interviews and live performance clips featuring dozens of local musicians past and present. Feel free to jam along with the most recent trailer, which went live last week:

The audio for this teaser is all sweet sounds, preventing us from tuning in to the likes of Kevin Cronin, Adrian Belew, George Faber, Keith Harden, Mark Rubel, and Champaign mayor Don Gerard as they speak their minds about our vaunted music milieu. (Unless you happen to be really good at lip reading, that is!) The curious can preview certain conversations and performances by rummaging around this YouTube page. Zimmerman also tells CUBlog an initial round of DVDs will be created soon and options are being mulled over where and when OUT OF NOWHERE will premiere for public consumption.

When we know the deal, you will get the spiel!

~ Jason Pankoke

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