Dang! France keen on BREEDING

Honestly, we have no evidence whatsoever if France is overtaken with love and affection for Brainsmart Productions‘ comedy-horror-musical THORAXX II: THE BREEDING, but it highly amuses us that even one Gaellic citizen is pleased with C-U’s original MutAnt chronicles. Jason Butler tells C-U Blogfidential that he sent over a screener on the advice of an Australian film writer and, as a result, we now have a fresh review by one Carcharoth courtesy of the “nature amok” fan site, AnimalAttack.info. If you prefer the native tongue, then it’s Aggressiones Animales to you, dearest Francophile.

Anyone still up on their French lessons is encouraged to chime in with an accurate translation so we can peek into the psyche of someone viewing our micro-cinema from a culture half a world away. Speaking of peeking, those whose Brainsmart memories only reach as far back as the first installment of WEREWOLF CEMETERYgiven its umpteen playdates at Mike ‘n Molly’s in recent months – should now heed this very important announcement:

The oddball epic that is THORAXX II emerged upon outgrowing its humble origins as a college video project made by co-star Annie Fitzgerald with help from JB, who used the opportunity as an excuse to sequelize/remake his rarely-seen THORAXX short. The usual gang of Brainsmarties that many of you have seen in WEREWOLF make up the cast here, including Barney Joyce, Lacie Ucherek, Scott Kimble, Bill Turner, Thomas Schrepfer, Steve Ucherek, Ryan Walker, and Dr. Erik Martin. THORAXX II is one of only two JB projects (we’re yelling at you, SCREAMING APE) actually available on DVD, but you’ll have to hit up The Man for makin’ copies since you can’t order them on-line.

~ Jason Pankoke

p.s. Before you bother asking – because I know you will – WEREWOLF CEMETERY is still filming. In fact, Brainsmart plans to film some more this weekend before their fearless leader retreats back to Portland. Can he finally wrap it up this visit? Will the mosquito-bitten crew revolt in sheer rage? Why hasn’t Peaslee keeled over yet in a PBR fuelled stupor? (On set, dumbass…) All these questions and more will be answered in time, true believers!

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