APE screams WEREWOLF Oct. 13

So, I shows up at Mike ‘n’ Molly’s last Monday night and says to the doorman, “Doorman, where is the projector?” To which the doorman responds, “There are no Brainsmart Productions showing tonight, LensCap.” So, then I listens carefully and reacts to the lack of merriment by saying to the doorman, “Doorman, where is the laughter?” To which the doorman responds, “There is no performance by The Abe Froman Project tonight, LensCap.” So, then I steps in the joint and stumbles upon a sound check coming from the same stairwell and says to the doorman, “Doorman, what is that?” To which the doorman responds, “That’s rock ‘n’ roll, dumbass.” So, I takes my dollar PBR upstairs and listens to local quartet Golden Quality (featuring Brainsmart conspirators Mark Peaslee and Jim Mefford) and touring pop-punk trio Keyton. “Very good,” I says.

So, it’s back to business tonight, Monday, October 13, at 105 N. Market St., Champaign, IL, where Jason Butler has arranged yet another free show during which patrons can fill up the Tip Jar to feed the low-budget beast that is WEREWOLF CEMETERY: Issue 4. Mike ‘n’ Molly’s patriarch Murph will kick in a matching donation based on what is discovered in the Tip Jar. Until that time, WEREWOLF CEMETERY: Issue 3 (9:30 p.m.) and THE SECOND ADVENTURE OF THE SCREAMING APE (11 p.m.) will shake the pillars of heaven (a.k.a. the beer garden) while bringing everyone up-to-date on Brainsmart output. If that doesn’t convince you to enjoy the spoils, then maybe this snazzy flier designed by your humble editor will do the trick:

WEREWOLF + SCREAMING APE show @ Mike n' Molly's, 10/13/08. (Courtesy Jason Butler/Brainsmart Productions)

Don’t let Bill Turner‘s pained (and rather bloody) expression deter you. He’s actually enjoying it.

We also hope that you’ll enjoy yet another exclusive photograph from the set of WEREWOLF CEMETERY: Issue 4, in which JB does his best Bob the Builder impersonation while Buddy Ritchie and Andrew Bochte prepare to do something nasty to this effects dummy, standing in for one of several characters that will debut in the finale. Of course, far be it from CUBlog to spill too much about this freaky-deaky woman in black, other than the fact I just obliquely hinted at her ghastly fate. You’ll have to see the results for yourself when WC 4 premieres next year at a Mike ‘n’ Molly’s nearest you.

Jason Butler dresses for protection and Buddy Ritchie plays it cool while setting up a gore effects shot on the set of WEREWOLF CEMETERY: Issue 4. (Photo by JaPan)

The Abe Froman Project will also return tomorrow night starting at 9 p.m. Go check them out and see which fifth member they convince to climb those ornery stairs for the show. Mikel, Katie, Matt, and Nate are counting on you to make him or her feel at home.

~ Jason Pankoke

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