Sept. 15 to be a lovely CMM day

We recently told you about Illini Film & Video and the Chinese Independent Film Society for the students, man, but what is there for Champaign-Urbana community members who want to dally in video making? You should never discount the connecting power of Champaign Movie Makers, media-minded citizens! The networking opportunity hosted by CMM once a month provides an easygoing introduction to the film scene du C-U as many key creators regularly attend to discuss what they’re doing, where they’re going, and how you might be able to help! Conversely, everyone will receive a moment to introduce themselves and pitch projects before the heart of the evening gets underway with a presentation, workshop, hands-on demonstration, or screening. CMM is set to meet at the WILL-TV studios in Campbell Hall for Public Telecommunication, UIUC, 300 N. Goodwin Ave., Urbana, beginning at 7 p.m. tonight, Tuesday, September 15; you can access the building up to the start time from the Clark St. entrance. This outing, CMM will be led by organizer Thomas Nicol in a self-reflexive discussion, “CMM Review,” to pour over different aspects of the group’s functions and outreach.

Contact Nicol at ChampaignMovieMakers [at] gmail [dot] com for further details, frequent their Facebook page or join their Facebook group for announcements, and be sure to visit their YouTube channel loaded with film work created by CMM members. View it and then do it!

~ Jason Pankoke

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