DEVOTION to fright is real deal

Happy Halloween, dearest bleeders! We really haven’t cooked up seasonal topics for you this year, considering how much overall we need to share, but we’re happy to drop this occult-flavored slab on your plate and mark the ooky occasion! Once scheduled to world premiere at the Art Theater Co-op on October 19 but postponed at the last minute, DEVOTION is the first full-length narrative effort from Art Theater employee and independent filmmaker Jessie Seitz, whom we talked with early last year about her short subject FIVE. The Internet is pretty much devoid of tangible evidence about the Capricorn Rising Films production other than a few Twitter and Facebook posts as well as the dialogue-free teaser trailer we present to you right here. With scenes filmed in recognizable spots like the Art and the University of IllinoisAllerton Park in Monticello, but primarily shot in Decatur where Seitz grew up, DEVOTION sports a cast including Haley Madison (IN MEMORY OF), Erin Brown (SHADOW: DEAD RIOT), and Linnea Quigley (THE RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD) that may register far more to genre film fans than followers of local movies and theater. Certainly, we will report on the whereabouts of Seitz’s creation when more details arise! Her other recent activities include an acting role in the upcoming WOODSMAN: FOREST OF PAIN, co-directed by Louis C. Justin and Victor Bonacore, an interview in the latter’s Jim VanBebber documentary DIARY OF A DEADBEAT, available through Massacre Video, a directing stint on a segment of FACES OF SNUFF, coming out November 22 through Wild Eye Releasing, and a guest appearance this Saturday, November 5, at the Ax Wound Film Festival in Brattleboro, VT, concentrating on women in horror media. DEVOTION should not be confused with DIVINATION, the minute-long fit of gas mask creepiness that played last night’s New Art Film Festival; directed by Jeff Kacmarynski of Vision Test Productions from an idea by Colin Gabriel Price, the twisted “final wish” scenario with Marlene Mahon and David Busboom will appear in a different horror anthology, amusingly and redundantly titled 60 SECONDS 2 DIE: 60 SECONDS TO DIE 2. You can watch DIVINATION here while it’s available.

~ Jason Pankoke


Devotion Teaser from Jessie Seitz on Vimeo.

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