PRESS START update 2.1

Champaign-based micro-budget outfit Dark Maze Studios issued a newsletter earlier this week that provides an update on their upcoming action/fantasy, PRESS START. “According to the latest estimates, all but 3% of the movie is filmed at this point,” writes Marketing/PR Assistant Meagan Benz. “We’ve gotten some pretty big scenes done lately, and yours truly even got to be an evil minion! Yep, I donned a few weird outfits and ran around attacking the cast … Ed [Glaser, the director of PRESS START] is locked up editing like a mad fiend and has a large chunk put together in a rough cut form.”

PRESS START, a yarn about a man named Zack Nimbus (Joshua Stafford) who is convinced to help save a videogame-inspired world a la THE LAST STARFIGHTER, should be completed in 2007. To whet the general public’s appetite, Dark Maze has been posting Web cartoons featuring space siren Sam and ninja Lin-Ku, played by Lauren Chambers and Al Morrison in the movie; you can find them here and here for your viewing pleasure.

– Jason Pankoke

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