STREETS team filling roles at IMC


Given our sluggish week here at the Secret MICRO-FILM Mobile Headquarters – let’s go ahead and assign it the code name “MFHQ-M” from now on – we’ll be splitting a couple of stories in half and posting the timely details as soon as possible; be sure to watch for the follow-up articles that will provide more background and context to our exciting topics! That said, we’d like to share with the stage and screen actors in our milieu a charmingly lo-fi flier being circulated by one Bianca Caniglia, an assistant with the independent film production DEATH ON THE STREETS that will take to the streets of Champaign, Urbana, and the immediate cities beyond for location filming over two weeks beginning next Monday, August 13. A project by San Antonio, Texas, native Micah Magee (PETTING ZOO) and Denmark-born Johan Carlsen (HEADLOCK) for their Makrorama Productions banner, DEATH ON THE STREETS has supporting roles to be filled and the team will audition hopefuls tomorrow, Saturday, August 11, between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. in Room 226 of the Independent Media Center in downtown Urbana. We’re not sure if talent needs to reserve a block of time or can show up cold to the audition, so it might be safer to call the number on the flier (419-908-1430) as soon as you can to ensure a spot on their schedule. A separate casting notice made the rounds earlier this summer for lead roles, as shared on Facebook by Confidential agent Owen Anderson, which have since been filled by Zack Mulligan (MINDING THE GAP) and Katie Folger (ZERO CHARISMA) according to the News-Gazette. Their report cites a separate phone number, 217-377-0554, as well as an e-mail, casting [at] makrorama [dot] com, so pick one or more to hit up if interested. Good luck, dearest line readers!

~ Jason Pankoke

p.s. Without a script in our mitts, we have no clue what the man-and-shark image above has to do with DEATH ON THE STREETS other than it illustrates this information page on the Web site of the annual Berlinae Talents summit, although we’re fitfully amused to run it today in lieu of anything promoting THE MEG or THE LAST SHARKNADO. You know that’s not the chum we typically chew.



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