CLEAN SLATE: February 2007

With the start of C-U Blogfidential: Year 2 just beyond the horizon, I’ve been compiling a tidy little hit-list of goals that, when accomplished, will hopefully make this a more attractive and useful repository for information regarding local movie-making, movie-watching, and movie history. Today, I’d like to introduce the first new tool in the arsenal that I hope you’ll use – Clean Slate.

On the first of each month, I’ll pitch a question or two that involves the business and art of movies in Champaign, Urbana, and the cities beyond, and then leave “Comments” open for you folks to discuss. Some topics will become perennials while others will be drawn from what’s happening (or, not happening) in the area at the moment. Occasionally, I’ll throw in a “just for fun” query, just for fun!

Write me right now if you have a suggestion for a future Clean Slate topic. Otherwise, dig in below to talk constructive shop at CUBlog! [Warning: All comments will be moderated before posting. Material deemed inappropriate by your editor will be deleted.]

~ Jason Pankoke

Look, ma! It's the Clean Slate clapper!

February 2007

Question: What film & video projects are you working on in 2007?

3 Responses to CLEAN SLATE: February 2007

  1. LRobHubbard :

    Well, I’m currently waiting to hear if I’ll be on a horror film shooting in March/April… and I may be on the next Kevin Willmott film that starts shooting this summer.

    I’m currently working on editing two of my own film, mainly behind the scenes type of docs…

    BUNKER HILL should be out sometime later this year… the website is up.

    I’m told that WRESTLING WOMEN VS. THE BRAINAC and MIL MASCARAS VS. THE AZTEC MUMMY are in final edits… and that SONG OF THE DEAD may have a distributor.

    And FIVE YEARS is on R2 DVD in Germany, under the title THE HIDDEN… currently trying to obtain a copy. No word as to when an R1 release will be.

  2. Administrator :

    Alrighty, people … [sighs heavily] …

    This post has been up for ONE FULL WEEK already. I had hoped that we could begin the interactive portion of CUBlog with a bang, especially since my “CUBlog: Year 2” announcement went out to nearly 200 e-mail accounts.

    Yet, the only person who’s had the time & interest to contribute to this post in the past week is a fella from LAWRENCE, KANSAS, waaaaay out of our geographical region.

    [I will qualify that LRH is a hella awesome supporter/contributor to all things MICRO-FILM whose presence is always welcome here, even when he playfully threatens to “fuck some shit up” in the name of art. You’ve been warned.]

    So, what gives? The key to this site’s ultimate success is not just what I do with it, but the contributions that YOU bring to the table. Please don’t spoil this (so far singular) effort by losing it because YOU don’t use it. ~ jp

  3. Linda McElroy :

    The Route 66 Film Festival has begun accepting submissions for the 6th Annual festival to be held September 15-16, 2007, at the Hoogland Center for the Arts in Springfield, Illinois. We show films of all lengths and genres and award trophies to our favorites in several categories. Trophies are also awarded to audience favorites for short films under 30 minutes. This is an international competition, but new and experienced filmmakers have an equal chance for recognition. Show us your best and don’t bore us and you could walk away with a nice trophy. For details and application, see our website or e-mail