MWP reviews begin with ‘Writing’


It’s a good day to flip the script, dearest readers and studious associates! In the first of a series, we turn our attention to Michael Wiese Productions of Studio City, California, a premier publisher since 1976 of trade books that cover various aspects of motion picture development, production, and distribution. The imprint’s founder, Michael Wiese, is a native of Urbana and contributes to the company from his home in Cornwall, England, while long-time vice president Ken Lee keeps the business humming in the United States. We are in the early stages of planning a feature for the next C-U Confidential issue to celebrate their legacy in a way that addresses the human sense of discovery that lies behind the movie-making process. As for the nuts and bolts of what the process itself requires from its participants on any given show, we will defer to the expert authors at MWP through their work. Once a month for the next few months, leading up to the hoped-for street date of CUZine #11, we will share with you a brand-new review of a choice title from their catalog to demonstrate the breadth of subject matter that can be covered under the category of “film book.” This will also give the doers in our midst a few starting points that will encourage them to investigate all that MWP offers including seminars and instructional videos.

We are grateful to have our own guest writers on board who will split the reviews with your humble editor in this series. His entries will appear in full here at C-U Blogfidential while the others’ work will appear on their own internet spaces to which we’ll direct you. Condensed versions of the set will then be collected in the CUZine feature spread. Our first title is Writing for the Cut: Shaping Your Script for Cinema by Greg Loftin, released by MWP in June 2019. “Loftin does not present his ideas as ‘A Formula for Guaranteed Success,’” confirms Daniel Tice in his review, “but rather a new perspective on the art and craft of screenwriting that bridges the Alpha and Omega of the filmmaking process.” Sounds pretty intriguing to us! Click on this link to check out further thoughts on Writing for the Cut by Tice, who lives in Gibson City and is a screenwriter, craftsman, and producer at Hepp Katt Productions. You can learn more about Writing for the Cut on the MWP website or purchase it through Amazon, while you can listen to an audio interview with Loftin here at Apple Podcasts. Please keep an eye out for our next entry in the series!

~ Jason Pankoke


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