Read PDFs, fan our FB page!

Two new developments in the digital realm, dear readers…

At long last, we have decided to set up shop at key on-line communities starting with Facebook. You can follow this link to our Page, which we’ve deliberately titled “C-U Confidential :: Digest/Weblog of Illinois Indie Cinema!” so FB members unfamiliar with our work can get the gist upon first glance. The more Fans we can attract with interest in making and promoting our own cinema in Champaign, Urbana, the cities beyond, and all other corners of the globe (one can dream, can’t one?) the more effective we can be in getting the word out quickly on production needs, upcoming events, and various C-U Blogfidential sanctioned actions!

At the same time, we have perks available on CUBlog for your use and enjoyment, such as revamped PDFs of C-U Confidential and The CineMicroGraph news/zine, along with a brand-new PDF for CUZine 3. Please copy them down and pass them around! Those who missed out on obtaining the printed CUZines can write us for ordering information. You should also keep your peepers right here in the coming week as we will not only announce a special event taking place on Tuesday, November 17, but also update you about our upcoming special issues – that’s right, folks, the secret is in the plural!

~ Jason Pankoke

p.s. Here’s a less unwieldy URL for Facebook:

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