Second NINJA stalks Dark Maze

Leave it to Dark Maze Studios of Champaign to make our holidays just a bit brighter here at the Secret MICRO-FILM Headquarters in ways that fluffy tinsel and spiked eggnog can hardly begin to match.

The third season of PRESS START ADVENTURES is finally underway with Episode 27, this year’s Holiday Special, taking a bow next Monday, December 21, according to a fresh newsletter issued this week by the mighty Megan Glaser. Presumably, this season will run its course over the next few months before Dark Maze adds a brand-new animated show later in 2010 called SPACE NINJA.

In a separate announcement, studio head Ed Glaser states that SPACE NINJA “follows a cybernetic ninja who is betrayed by his master and must protect a feudalistic society of spaceship dwellers from a sadistic demon lord.” Series creator Alex Mitchell will adapt his own on-line comic book for SPACE NINJA, which will be presented in three-minute bursts a la PSA with a visual design similar to the teaser artwork here.

Glaser will presumably call on his talent roster to give voice to SPACE NINJA although music scoring duties will go not to the ubiquitous Jake Kaufmann but B-movie pro Chuck Cirino, whose IMDb credits include composing and cinematography on dozens of Jim Wynorski and Fred Olen Ray flicks like CHOPPING MALL, DEATHSTALKER II, THE RETURN OF SWAMP THING, ALIENATOR, THE HAUNTING OF MORELLA, EVIL TOONS, DINOSAUR ISLAND, KOMODO VS. COBRA, and a not-so-little something we’re sure needs to be seen to be believed, CLEAVAGEFIELD.

We’ll bring you SPACE NINJA updates as they sneak up on us, especially since we’re finding nirvana simply by typing the title SPACE NINJA. Until then, Dark Maze has cooked up the perfect gift for your humble editor which is available through their brand-new Merch Shop on Café Press. He’ll gladly take one of each fabric color and thanks you in advance.

Have a Merry THOOMPmas and a Zippy New Year!

~ Jason Pankoke

p.s. CUBlog is also expecting PSA’s very own Lin-ku to make a statement regarding SPACE NINJA. Could the old boy be a bit jealous that he’ll need to share the Dark Maze spotlight with another ninja in a strange land? Watch for more dirt on this development!

p.s.2 You don’t even have to ask, Ed. You may use my closing line gratis for publicity purposes and custom Dark Maze Xmas cards. You’re welcome.

p.s.3 Unless Megan already used the “Zippy New Year” part in the past, which I wouldn’t put past her since she loves the little lug. In that case, I apologize profusely and pray you didn’t give Serdar my home address. If he can navigate the Turkish countryside with ease, then he’ll certainly make mincemeat of the Sesquicentennial Neighborhood in record time. Thanks.

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