CLEAN SLATE: March 2007

On the first of each month, Clean Slate will pitch a question or two that involves the business and art of movies in Champaign, Urbana, and the cities beyond. “Comments” will be left open so that readers of C-U Blogfidential can discuss! Some topics will be perennials and others will be drawn from current local issues, while a “just-for-fun” query might occasionally sail in from left field.

Write me right now if you have a suggestion for a future Clean Slate topic. Otherwise, click below and talk constructive shop! [Warning: All comments will be moderated.] We thank James Hamilton of Champaign for suggesting the question chalked upon the Slate this month.

~ Jason Pankoke

Look, ma! It's the Clean Slate clapper!

March 2007

Question: Where can I find C-U movies for rent, sale, or download?

2 Responses to CLEAN SLATE: March 2007

  1. Administrator :

    Alrighty, guys ‘n’ gals, I put my trust in you that this outing will be much more fruitful than the last. As a matter of fact, after you’re done pimping your old stuff here, why not backtrack to the February Clean Slate and pimp your current and future stuff, too? At least give me the impression that I’m doing the right thing by opening CUBlog up to all of you…

    Avid movie fan James Hamilton, who suggested this here Slate, actually read my mind, sort of – I’ve been compiling a list of local movies that can be rented at local places. It’ll be posted in the spring. That, of course, is another cue to slap down some info below and make sure that I’m not missing anything. ~ jp

  2. JB :

    They got Thoraxx II at Exile and Rentertainment. And the thrilling 2006 Moustache Contest exclusively at Exile. More to come.