CLEAN SLATE :: November 2010

We think it’s time to dust off a former C-U Blogfidential department and invite our dearest readers to participate one more time!

Once every month, Clean Slate will pose a question or two that involves the business and art of movies in Champaign, Urbana, and the cities beyond. “Comments” will remain open for three weeks, during which you can congenially respond and debate. Write us now if you have suggestions for future topics and until then, talk shop below! [All comments will be moderated. Opinions stated below are not necessarily shared or endorsed by CUBlog or its staff writers.]

~ Jason Pankoke

November 2010

Question: What movie activity is on
your own personal slate for 2011?

3 Responses to CLEAN SLATE :: November 2010

  1. A Lawrence Dreyfuss :

    Slaughter Massacre, a tongue-in-cheek slasher film shot in the south suburbs of Chicago will be completed in January of 2011. Keep a look out for this campy story of 6 high school girls who decide to kill a group of jocks at school. Some call it a Slaughter, other call it a Massacre: You be the judge!

    You can check out the trailer here

    Keep an eye out for a showing in Champaign in 2011

  2. Thomas Nicol :

    Plans are in development to get the delayed production of “The Window Into Time” up and running by the end of the year. Expect to see this Lovecraftian horror by spring 2011.

  3. Anne Lukeman :

    Chris and I will be releasing the action/science/fairy tale short “Once Upon a Time in 1972” in February/March 2011!