IOW: DEJA VIEW all over again!

Of course we couldn’t resist but that gives you no reason to look away, dearest readers, as Images of the Week delves right back into the maze of intrigue woven by Dark Maze Studios of Champaign! This post is primarily an opportunity to let you know the release date for their upcoming sequel, PRESS START 2 CONTINUE, has been pushed back to Friday, March 11, and we still have no word as to whether there will be a public happening in commemoration. Until then, we must make do with the steady flow of modest goodies Ed Glaser and his usual suspects create for us, including a new-ish episode of DEJA VIEW investigating the old-ish Korea produced, Japan styled sci-fi adventure NAMYANG PLANNING/SAVIOR OF THE EARTH. Surely, any similarities between this 1983 mishmash and the original TRON from 1982 are coincidental:

The videogame culture parallels sprinkled throughout the PRESS START movies and cartoons are wholeheartedly intentional, of course, although Dark Maze pulls it all together in funny and exciting ways. We’ve admitted before that many allusions rocket right over the Secret MICRO-FILM Headquarters since we’re not even close to being hardcore gamers. (Don’t ask MICRO-FILM Web master Eric Pankoke how many late-night e-mails he’s received asking for his professional opinion on what the Glaser gang is trying to slip by us.) So, will it be insulting if we think more about SCOTT PILGRIM VS. THE WORLD when we look at the new teaser image of PRESS START ADVENTURES villainess Morgan Le Slay, played in CONTINUE by her voice actress Jane Cox? Observe:

It must be the electric lavender hair and the leather. Hm. Anyway, you can also see recent portraits of the great Peter Davis as returning nogoodnik Count Nefarious Vile as well as super ninja Lin-Ku (Al Morrison) standing next to a cutie-pie fantasy princess. We will guess (correctly) that your humble editor’s digits are not on her speed dial.

~ Jason Pankoke

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