CLEAN SLATE :: June 2011

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~ Jason Pankoke

June 2011

Questions: For the general movie-goers – what qualities do you
find yourselves responding to the most in the films you watch,
and why? For the active movie-makers – what techniques or
aesthetics are you most critical of in the films you watch, and why?

One Response to CLEAN SLATE :: June 2011

  1. Lisa :

    To take a page out of John Lassiter’s handbook, the story really is everything to me. It has to be interesting, engaging throughout, and well-written. Intelligent movies are often in short supply, but I do sometimes go see a “dumb” movie IF I know to expect it. All the beautiful actors and beautiful scenery in the world is worthless if I’m bored. The recent update of Jane Eyre was a really wonderful movie-going experience for me, as it had a wonderful story, a handsome cast, and breathtaking scenery.