CLEAN SLATE :: July 2011

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~ Jason Pankoke

July 2011

Questions: For the general movie-goers – what qualities do you
find yourselves responding to the most in the films you watch,
and why? For the active movie-makers – what techniques or
aesthetics are you most critical of in the films you watch, and why?

2 Responses to CLEAN SLATE :: July 2011

  1. Cara Day :

    I respond to seeing the characters reactions to events or actions – more so than hearing a character discuss why they did (or didn’t) do something. Film is a visual AND auditory medium, unfortunately when a writer/director is so in love with what they wrote they forget to enlist all of our senses.

  2. Bogdan Heretoiu :

    As a novice filmmaker, you tend to see cuts, edits, lights, acting…you know….the stuff movies are made of. But for a seasoned filmmaker, it is usually originality of the story and the delivery of it that makes your brain tick.

    Nowadays, I rarely notice the technical aspects of a film (unless they jump at me), and enjoy more if the film gives me something new, an experience with which I can identify on some level – even an imaginary one.

    Needless to say, very few films today have that quality.