IMC Film Fest returns Sept. 15

Good morning, C-U Blogfidential nation! Because of our behind-the-scenes work load, we haven’t been able to assemble extensive pre-fest coverage for either independent film festival taking place this coming weekend in central Illinois, but we can pass along the basics in appreciation of their organizers’ hard work! Starting first by a day is the third annual Independent Media Center Film Festival, offering a largely Midwest regional selection of shorts and features between tomorrow, Thursday, September 15, and ending roughly at midnight on Saturday, September 17. New festival director Chris Lukeman and volunteers Brian Dolinar and David Gracon have assembled an interesting mix of social issue films along with offbeat comedies and dramas, genre pieces, and art videos. Please hit the jump for the complete schedule sans liner notes and look to their Facebook page for additional information and updates. Taking place completely at the central IMC events space in the old Post Office building at 202 S. Broadway in downtown Urbana, the IMC Film Fest is free admission to the general public.

~ Jason Pankoke



IMC Film Festival
September 15-17, 2011
Independent Media Center
Urbana, IL

Thursday, September 15

7 p.m.
Eastern Illinois University program

STAR WORLDS (Andrew McLaughlin, 30 min.)
IMPERIAL TOURISM (David Gracon, 28 min.)
IT’S ALL HEARSAY (Tyson Kroening & Matt McKay, 5 min.)
VIGOR (Tyson Kroening, 1 min.)
MYTHICAL (Jose Rodriquez, 2 min.)
JACARE (Jose Rodriguez, 5 min.)

8:30 p.m.
“Revolting” program

DRUNK LITERATURE (Dylan Damian, 5 min.)
REVOLTING (Mike Boedicker, 81 min.)

Friday, September 16

7 p.m.
Activism program

LOCKED UP … LOCKED OUT (All of Us or None, 30 min. w/discussion)
THE MORE THINGS STAY THE SAME (Marc Moscato, 15 min.)
CHICAGO INDEPENDENT TV episode (Chicago IMC, 30 min.)

Saturday, September 17

2 p.m.
Beginner’s Filmmaking Panel and Workshop – “All Ages”

3 p.m.
Comedy & Drama program – “All Ages”

Dark Maze Studios shorts (Ed Glaser, 30 min.)
THE LETTER (Edward Heffernan, 23 min.)
WE ARE DINOSAURS (Dylan Damian, 12 min.)
THE DRIVE (Holden Jones, 9 min.)
THE BALLAD OF DIRTY DON (Andrew Nygard, 11 min.)

5 p.m.-6 p.m.
Festival break

6 p.m.
“This Is My Journey” program

THIS IS MY JOURNEY (Kate Brickman, 60 min. w/discussion)

8 p.m.
Arts program

POOR WHITE TRASH GIRL (Kelly Spivey, 6 min.)
WALK (Meg Knowles, 5 min.)
POLAR BEAR GOD (Deke Weaver, 14 min.)
MONKEY (Deke Weaver, 10 min.)

9 p.m.
Comedy/Science Fiction/Horror program

BREAK (A. Lawrence Dreyfuss, 3 min.)
TINKER (Dylan Damian, 7 min.)
FALLING UP (Ryan Marzolph, 39 min.)
SIGNS OF COMMUNISM (Andrew Nygard, 1.5 min.)
BROKEN (Andrew Gleason, 7 min.)
LORD (A. Lawrence Dreyfuss, 7 min.)
KABOOM (Andrew Gleason, 1 min.)
ONCE UPON A TIME IN 1972 (Chris Lukeman, 13 min.)
ONCE UPON A TIME IN 1973 (Chris Lukeman, 6 min.)
BEDTIME FOR TIMMY (Thomas Nicol, 3 min.)
THE WINDOW INTO TIME (Thomas Nicol, 15 min.)
PENCIL (Edward Heffernan, 5 min.)
FARM (Andrew Gleason, 72 min.)


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