CLEAN SLATE :: November 2011

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~ Jason Pankoke

November 2011

Question: What kinds of activities are on your movie-making
or film culture agenda for 2012?

3 Responses to CLEAN SLATE :: November 2011

  1. Thomas Nicol :

    I’ll be helping out with a few projects other people are organizing, including some exciting new productions from Kill Vampire Lincoln Productions and Sleepy Creek Films. As far as my own projects go, the bulk of production on Eye of Cthulhu is getting bumped into 2012, and I’m working with Andrew Stengele to organize a wacky-awesome collaborative anthology with some other local filmmakers.

  2. Anne Lukeman :

    We’re developing a sequel to “Once Upon a Time in 1972” set in the magical disco-land of 1977! We’re also excited about helping with Jennifer Bechtel’s “Scary Normal” – filming in Summer 2012! (

  3. Mike Trippiedi :

    I am a co-writer and have a supporting role in the on-going web series UP THE CREEK for the Sleepy Creek Winery. I have a supporting role in Jennifer Bechtel’s film SCARY NORMAL that will film in June and if I can come up with a good enough script, I hope to direct a segment for Andrew Stengele and Thomas Nicol’s anthology movie.