GARBAGE MAN to prowl in June

This must be a sign of the Apocalypse, yes? Sixteen bloody years after being committed to film in the back streets of early Nineties Champaign-Urbana, the unnamed black serial killer known only as THE GARBAGE MAN will finally see the light of day. According to an announcement issued last week by Los Angeles entrepreneur Hart D. Fisher, DVD label Indie Pictures will launch the domestic home video releases of the horror pictures included in his AMERICAN HORRORS distribution package this June. First out of the gate is G-MAN, Fisher’s seamy meditation on the disenfranchised and demented.

It will be interesting to see the final cut of THE GARBAGE MAN after so long, but the most harrowing material on the disc might be the video interview where Fisher discusses the murder of his girlfriend when G-MAN was originally in production. A taste of that dark recollection has been posted on the true crime forum In Cold Blog, for which Fisher will contribute pieces about censorship and freedom of speech in our country, while more extensive discussion about the killing and its aftermath will figure into the upcoming documentary (see item: 12/12/08) about that period in his life.

Additional updates will float down C-U Blogfidential way as they become available, but for now we’ve posted the original press release after the jump to fill in the gory details.

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From February 5, 2009:


Hart D. Fisher brings his AMERICAN HORRORS label to America in a new DVD series of films beginning with THE GARBAGE MAN

(Los Angeles, CA) The scariest man in America, Hart D. Fisher, through his production company Crime Pays Inc., announced that he has entered into an agreement with Todd Taylor’s Indie Pictures to distribute his AMERICAN HORRORS brand of horror-themed programming throughout America beginning in June with the long awaited DVD release of Fisher’s directorial debut, THE GARBAGE MAN.

In a statement made by Todd Taylor, CEO of Indie Pictures, “Today we have penned an agreement with the AMERICAN HORRORS label to bring the scariest man in the horror industry to America. We’re excited to have Mr. Hart D. Fisher as our partner in bringing quality and scary horror films to DVD and television. Mr. Fisher’s directorial debut, of THE GARBAGE MAN, will be our inaugural DVD release in June of 2009. We truly believe that Mr. Fisher has turned the horror genre upside down and we are happy to be part of it and look forward to a long association with the AMERICAN HORRORS brand and Mr. Fisher.”

“This distribution agreement, along with our foreign broadcast television deals, is a major step forward in our development of the AMERICAN HORRORS brand as a world wide entity that performs as a production house, a distribution company and horror content provider across multiple platforms,” said producer Hart D. Fisher. “I will be overseeing all aspects of this deal personally, from film selection, advertising, marketing, packaging, the works. Todd is a visionary businessman with a great hunger to change the way the horror business works. Together we’re going to turn this genre on its head.”

AMERICAN HORRORS started as a two-hour television show syndicated throughout Europe and Scandinavia by The Global Broadcasting Company. Producer and on-camera host, Hart D. Fisher, has traveled across America shooting its initial episodes, including stopovers at the 2008 Shriekfest and New York City Horror Film Festival, and will now be packaged as a DVD series of feature films to be distributed in a partnership with Indie Pictures. Starting in June 2009, AMERICAN HORRORS will release one feature film a month, including a new director’s cut of NOBODY LOVES ALICE, and will also be packaging the show as a 10 DVD collectors box set of the show’s first season for release in October.

Wakako Kowagoshi, Vice President of Crime Pays Inc., notes, “Our television contracts allow us to create brand awareness that precedes the actual theatrical, TV, and DVD releases of each individual film in a way that no other emerging horror production company can. This is the kind of deal most folks in Hollywood would kill for and we intend to exploit to its fullest potential.”

The first film released under the AMERICAN HORRORS label, THE GARBAGE MAN, will be released in stores June, 2009. The DVD release of the critically acclaimed film will feature an introduction by the director discussing the tragedies associated with the making of the film, namely the motel murder of Mr. Fisher’s first love and live-in girlfriend during the making of THE GARBAGE MAN and the subsequent decade of murder trials that followed. Testifying and suffering through three different murder trials to keep her murderer locked up in prison, Mr. Fisher has never discussed these events publicly, until now.

Says Fisher, “There’s a great deal of personal pain associated with THE GARBAGE MAN, it’s not something I’ve ever been able to talk about publicly, but now with the documentary on my life shooting and the release of THE GARBAGE MAN coming up, I find it’s something I’m going to have to deal with. I mean, this is an intensely disturbing film, even for me.”

Mr. Fisher is currently working on video projects with heavy metal icon, Glenn Danzig, death metal legends Obituary, and indie metal scene veteran Joe Hollow. Mr. Fisher is seeking out more indie filmmakers, feature films, shorts, and horror-themed music videos to be part of the AMERICAN HORRORS brand that reaches into tens of millions of households across countries including France, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Switzerland, and Austria via broadcast television, and now in the United States via DVD, VOD, and Internet downloads.

Anyone interested in seeking out more information or wishes to submit their work for review, please contact us at: submissions [at] americanhorrors [dot] com.


Hart D. Fisher
President, Crime Pays, Inc.

info [at] crimepaysinc [dot] com

Todd Taylor
CEO, Indie Pictures

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