NINJA S1 DVD strikes before S2

Having just wrapped principal photography on the sophomore series of everyone’s favorite cut-and-paste B-movie cavalcade, NINJA THE MISSION FORCE, our elusive pals at Dark Maze Studios in Champaign took the time to remind C-U Blogfidential that everyone should check out Season One on region-free NTSC DVD!

Unsheathed through the Kunaki manufacturing service back on Tuesday, August 7, NTMF s1 features the 10 original Webisodes incorporating footage from public domain goodies like NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD, THE STRANGER, LASER MISSION, THE BOY IN THE PLASTIC BUBBLE, and PLANET OF DINOSAURS into the comedic struggle between Master Ninja Gordon (co-creator/director Ed Glaser) and Evil Ninja Bruce (Brad Jones of THE CINEMA SNOB MOVIE) as they strive to harness Ultimate Ninja Power! Aiding and abetting the craziness are Dark Maze and Walkaway Entertainment regulars Joshua Stafford, Meagan Rachelle, Alex Mitchell, Peter Davis, Sarah Lewis, and Jillian Zurawski, who will be joined in the upcoming season – going all-but-straight-to-disc, per Glaser – by bad movie vlogger Allison Pregler as action heroine Cheetah Lee. The DVD outfits each s1 segment with dual commentary tracks, one by Glaser and writer Rachelle and the other by co-stars Jones and Glaser, while throwing into its bag of ninja tricks a trailer, behind-the-scenes featurette, “Telly Award Special,” disc-exclusive Christmas special, and a DVD-ROM interview with one-time B-actor Andy Chworowsky who appeared in the slapdash Eighties spectacles of Hong Kong producer and NTMF inspiration Godfrey Ho (NINJA TERMINATOR, ROBO VAMPIRE).

Dark Maze promises NINJA THE MISSION FORCE Season 2 will spring into action during the early months of 2013!

~ Jason Pankoke

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