Actors, extras needed Feb. 21

Sorry this is last-minute, folks! It seems that tomorrow, Saturday, February 21, could be a productive day for those seeking to contribute their presence to a cinematographic entertainment.

Danville movie-maker Mike Boedicker will be doing a reshoot for a scene in his forthcoming feature-length farce, REVOLTING (see item: 11/13/08), in which a playwright portrayed by Bill Kephart has a drink with a community theater actor played by Eric Sizemore. While most of this encounter will be filmed only with principal performers and crew, Boedicker needs to fill up the location with extras during the first two hours of production for establishing shots. If interested, please show up in contemporary clothing at The Highdive, 51 Main St., in downtown Champaign, IL, right before the clock strikes 12 p.m. One of the front doors will be left ajar; write mboedicker [at] hotmail [dot] com with questions.

Also, a group called Happy Man Can Productions will be holding an open audition for a multi-platform project called A DINNER WITH THE MAFIA. Interested thesps should plan to hit the Ginger Asian Bistro, 3100 W. White Oaks Dr., Springfield, IL, between 11 a.m. and 4 p.m., where director Bob Bartel and producers Stephen D. Snyder and Brandon Montgomery will be looking to cast male and female leads, extras, and models for MAFIA, which will consist of an independent film, stage play, and dinner theater concept all based on the same source material. Snyder tells C-U Blogfidential that they intend to fill roles for the variant productions simultaneously.

Applicants should bring identification, a head shot, a pen, and “a good attitude,” but should also be aware that the producers are looking for talent 18 years of age and older. The official announcement describes the material as “R-rated” and claims these will be “paying position[s] and the amount of compensation will be determined at a later time.” You can contact Happy Man Can via adinnerwiththemafia [at] yahoo [dot] com or visit this Web site which features pictures from what looks like a dress rehearsal or previous MAFIA engagement.

~ Jason Pankoke

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