Starplex opens Feb. 27 in B-N

From February 25, 2009:

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Article and video in Bloomington (IL) daily The Pantagraph about the grand opening of the Stadium 14 in Normal, IL, on Friday, February 27. (The direct link to this article has already expired. Serious!)


Editor’s note: “Ohforgoodnesssakes!” That’s what my late, great Grandma Pankoke used to say in her halting German accent when something surprised her. Recently, I’ve adapted the exclamation to include much more profane elements when it comes to the evolving landscape of our local theatrical choices. Such is the case with the launch of yet another first-run movie mall over in the Other Twin Cities, the citizens of which had probably not been clamoring for it at the time Dallas, Texas-based Starplex Cinemas broke ground in 2007. Why would I presume this?

If you were actually able to read the Pantagraph article linked up top, then you would note the journalist’s tally accounting for 55 total screens in Bloomington-Normal, including Starplex’s Stadium 14 opening tomorrow. That’s a lot. That also means the discerning moviegoer will potentially encounter the equivalent of 54 channels and nothing on – save the lone equivalent of PBS, Bravo, TCM, and IFC rolled into one, the Normal Theater – during any given weekend, with an unfathomable number of reruns when taking all the theaters into account.

Speaking of unfathomable, why did the ‘Graph staffers stash this article in the pay-to-read Archive section after one freakin’ day? Aargh. At least they forgot to quarantine the related video that features a sneak preview of the building and its projection booths. That’s kind of neat-o, but I bet you can’t figure out which link above leads right to it.

The Stadium 14 is located at 201 McKnight in the Constitution Trail Centre in north Normal. I should be excited. I guess. If you happen to be excited then, by all means, yay for you. I’m off to bed now.

~ Jason Pankoke

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