NAFF 2013 on tap for tonight!

Another year’s worth of cinematic productiveness in Champaign, Urbana, and the cities beyond will light up the big screen at the Art Theater Co-op, 126 W. Church St., Champaign, IL, when the New Art Film Festival commences today, Friday, April 12! Starting at 4 p.m., we’ll welcome all the early birds and then turn over the floor to Perry C. Morris, who will narrate a slideshow illustrating major points in the first 100 years of the Art’s existence. Then, the NAFF will present more than 20 short subjects and previews during three blocks at 5 p.m., 7 p.m., and 9 p.m. (Note to parents: We’d classify the film sets as the equivalent of PG, PG-13, and R content ratings, from first to last.)

Along with Mr. Morris, we thank the Art’s general manager, Austin McCann, and his predecessor, Sanford Hess, for their guidance and connections, the Art staff including Justin, R.W., Kenneth, and Z for safely tucking away filmmaker swag, setting up our Media Preview, and working the show, Lisa and Jason Cerezo of ThirdSide for their help in promoting the NAFF, designing its brand-new Web site, and formulating its noir-ish lobby posters, Luke Boyce and Brett Hays of the Champaign-Urbana Film Society for their support in affording print costs, compiling media assets, and creating stylish bumpers, and Thomas Nicol and Champaign Movie Makers for their generosity in taping select moments and offering NAFF filmmakers an opportunity to discuss their work at next week’s CMM meeting. We also give thumbs up to the 40 North 88 West arts council of Champaign County for incorporating the NAFF into this weekend’s 11th annual Boneyard Arts Festival, an annual celebration of the arts in our communities.

Finally, and most importantly, the NAFF lives and dies based on the interest shown by movie-watchers like you. Please bring those smiling, eager faces to the Art tonight so we can see you in person along with everyone else, enriching the New Art Film Festival experience with your presence as we hope the NAFF enriches your own appreciation of independent film art!

~ Jason Pankoke


New Art Film Festival – Complete Schedule
@ The Art Theater Co-op, Champaign, IL
April 12, 2013, 4 p.m.-11:30 p.m.


4 p.m. – “NAFF Introductions”
+ Special Presentation:
“The Art Theater: 100 Years”
Presented by Perry C. Morris

5:00 p.m. – “Eclectic Sensations”

JUMP BACK (music video)
2012, 4 min., Directed by Lorene Anderson, Urbana, IL
Music by The Duke of Uke and His Novelty Orchestra
It’s a garage-rock life as the Duke and his merry melody makers encourage you to shake that thing.

2012, 4 min., Directed by Andy Due & Dustin Tylman, Rubber Chicken Films/RL3 Productions, Charleston, IL
Take a look at the life of Woody Allen, as he tries to get his latest project off the ground. Out of the mud.

THE GIANT COMMUNIST (retro sci-fi comedy)
2012, 10 min., Directed by Andrew Nygard, Jacob Dragyn Productions, Urbana, IL
Can Dr. John Johnston and his wife Jane save the very economic fabric of our great nation from a rampaging outsized president?

S & D IN THE CITY (animation)
2013, 4 min., Directed by David Huettner, Champaign-Urbana, IL
Two lost spirits gallivant in the city with sickles, trumpets, and skulls.

ONCE UPON A TIME IN 1977 (retro sci-fi adventure)
2013, 28 min., Directed by Chris & Anne Lukeman, Kill Vampire Lincoln Productions, Champaign, IL
In the probably-alternate 1970s, disco is king and tensions are high. Scientist heroes Jack and Sam try to balance normal family lives with ray guns, robots, and an ominous portal in time and space.

2012, 8 min., Directed by Alaric Rocha, Blue Bassoon Pictures, Chicago, IL
A man searches for his dream woman. When he can’t find her using modern means, he looks elsewhere.

HIS OWN WORLD OF COLORS (drama-fantasy)
2011, 37 min., Directed by Skye Marcía, Monticello/Champaign, IL
A reclusive artist deals with a tragic accident by retracting into the fantastical worlds his mind has created to numb the pain.

7:00 p.m. – “Real World Experiences”

2013, 2 min., Directed by Christopher J. Sotelo & Oliver Peng, Chris & Oliver Cinema, Champaign, IL
This piece combines film, time lapse, stop motion, and HDR photography to capture the beauty of Italy.

THIS LAND IS MINE (history/animation)
2012, 4 min., Directed by Nina Paley, Urbana, IL
This Land is Mine is a brief history of the land called Israel/Palestine/Canaan.

RE:CYCLING (documentary)
2011, 6 min., Directed by Gabe Przygoda, Blind Simon Productions, Charleston, IL
This short documentary highlights the restoration of an old 1970s ten-speed bicycle as well as the transforming physical and social image of cycling today.

SEXY SCISSORS (documentary)
2012, 13 min., Directed by Angela Aguayo, Carbondale, IL
Gender and worker-client dynamics are explored in this portrait of a barber shop in Austin, Texas.

LEGACY (personality profile)
2012, 5 min., Directed by Christopher J. Sotelo & Oliver Peng, Chris & Oliver Cinema, Champaign, IL
Mike Powell was a champion wrestler in high school and returned as head wrestling coach, building their struggling team into a powerhouse in the state of Illinois. But now, he’s facing the toughest match of his life.

2012, 61 min., Directed by Mark P. Ring & Robert Anderson, Lenten Entertainment, Brooklyn, NY
Three female artists with strong connections to Champaign-Urbana, IL, and the region share their life stories with actress Karen Vaccaro, who then portrays all three of them in a “verbatim-style” theatre production, And I Remember. The film juxtaposes the actual interviews of the women with the live production, revisiting major events of the past century from their perspectives.

9:00 p.m. – “Ode to the Hysterically Strange”

Movie Trailers

2013, 1 min., feature directed by Chase Cavalera, Cavalera Evolution, Bloomington, IL
At the local cemetery in a small Midwestern town, a group of misfits accidentally unleash an ancient, other-worldly creature.

HOUSE OF THADDEUS (drama/thriller)
2013, 2 min., feature directed by Mike Boedicker, Roselawn Productions, Danville, IL
After buying an old house, a couple learns about its dark history.

2013, 2 min., feature directed by Robin Christian, Dreamscape Cinema, Champaign, IL
A young boy loses his dog to an anomaly in his backyard, a portal which leads to another dimension of our universe. He must rely on his friends and dysfunctional family to get the dog back and close the portal.

SCARY NORMAL (comedy/drama)
2012, 2 min., feature directed by Jennifer Bechtel, Hot Diggity Productions, Champaign, IL
Chelsea, a teenager who just wants to be seen as normal, meets Danielle, a self-confident young lesbian who has been kicked out of her own family. Through their friendship, Chelsea starts to realize the true value of friends and family who love unconditionally.

Short subjects

UP THE CREEK Episode 6, “Shotgun Wedding” (“sipcom”)
2012, 9 min., Directed by Joe Taylor, Sleepy Creek Films, Oakwood, IL
A very special episode about love, tolerance, acceptance … and beer.

WINTER (comedy)
2011, 7 min., Directed by Alaric Rocha, Blue Bassoon Pictures, Chicago, IL
A chain gang prisoner desperately dreams for a break in the heavy, meaningless work he and his gang endure. His wish (and more) is granted when his chain breaks.

THE FAMINE (drama)
2013, 11 min., Directed by Johnny Robinson, Chase Todd, Tim Meyers, Mike Trippiedi, Thomas Nicol & Victor Miely, Champaign Movie Makers, Champaign, IL
The Famine is a dramatic examination of our culture’s love affair with coffee, set in a world where it has become a scarce commodity and told through six vignettes.

BEER BREAD (comedy)
2012, 3 min., Directed by Jeremiah Stanley, Two Beards Films, Champaign, IL
Walter is left with bread-making duties when his wife, Bette, is called to attend to their son. The couple realizes that Walter can complicate even the simplest of tasks.

RABBITHEAD (animation)
2013, 3 min., Directed by David Huettner, Champaign-Urbana, IL
Two lost spirits meet a fluffy friend in a desert wasteland.

2012, 26 min., Directed by Jason Huls, Ten Wing Films, Chicago, IL
Alistair, a genetic researcher, saves his own life from cancer by making a pact with dark and dangerous people. The secret lies with whatever is making the odd sounds in Alistair’s basement…

ANYWAY (dark comedy)
2012, 12 min., Directed by Gaël André & Robin Berthier, MBC Productions, Paris, France
Henry is a young man settled in a life that revolves around his two passions: classical music and lottery grids. His sudden encounter with a flowerpot will change the course of his existence.

HEARTSHOT (science fiction)
2013, 32 min., Directed by Thomas Nicol & Joe Taylor, Sleepy Creek Films, Oakwood, IL
In a not-so-distant dystopian future, a scientist supports his drug habit by poaching genetically engineered unicorns.

2012, 3 min., Directed by Michael Bach, Urbana, IL
A new hire at Miskatonic University wises up to its literary heritage.


As always, titles and sequence are subject to change without notice.

The 2013 New Art Film Festival is presented by C-U Confidential and the Art Theater Co-op and sponsored by ThirdSide, Champaign Movie Makers, and the Champaign-Urbana Film Society.

NAFF logo design is by Midnight Oil Advertising, UIUC, Urbana, IL.

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