IOW: We’re giving it all for Tilda

Usually, we would pass on featuring “live and in-the-moment” videos as an “Image of the Week” on C-U Blogfidential since our general motivation lies in highlighting media that is consciously pre-planned and/or deliberately edited together. (This is why shaky, uncut, raw footage of ubiquitous Champaign-Urbana events such as rock concerts or theatrical plays, for instance, does not appear here or on our YouTube channel.) We must make an exception for the following six minutes of joy and happy which has already spoken for itself in a viral, global manner. If you happened to miss the hubbub, it features the luminous actress Tilda Swinton (MOONRISE KINGDOM, JULIA, ADAPTATION, CONCEIVING ADA) leading a full house of Roger Ebert’s Film Festival devotees in a surprise dance-a-long at the Virginia Theatre on Saturday, April 20, just before the 11 a.m. show of Pablo Berger’s BLANCANIEVES. With a recording of the legendary Barry White’s “You’re the First, the Last, My Everything” soaring through the newly renovated auditorium and Chaz Ebert getting her boogie on center stage without a second thought, what’s not to like? Thousands worldwide have viewed the video thanks to dozens of media outlets picking up on it, exponentially amplifying the warm fuzzy cushion sorely needed by an “Ebertfest” camp suddenly without its namesake and guiding light. Will this inspired glow last? Only time will tell, dearest dancers.

“The Tilda” was recorded for posterity by the Shatterglass Studios camera teams covering Ebertfest for the UIUC College of Media.

~ Jason Pankoke

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