Neon Harbor new home for DMS

It seems Champaign producing partners Ed Glaser and Meagan Rachelle have reached the end of those long and winding corridors at their micro-budget movie company, Dark Maze Studios, for the duo recently announced it would transform into a new media entity called Neon Harbor Entertainment as of this Friday, June 14! What exactly will differentiate the Harbor from the Maze, you ask? We’re not sure except for the new name, this accompanying logo, a boastful slogan – “Dream Loud!” – and a promise that old Dark Maze favorites like PRESS START ADVENTURES, DÉJÀ VU, and NINJA THE MISSION FORCE will make the transition. You should visit the old Dark Maze Web site and/or this Neon Harbor URL during the weekend for clarification on what the Glasers have in store for your funky lo-fi sci-fi viewing pleasure! Alas, one film will not be emigrating alongside its label brethren, RAMPAGE a.k.a. “Turkish RAMBO,” for it will go on moratorium at the end of today, Wednesday, June 12, as that license is expiring. What now stands as a final salute to the Dark Maze handle appeared last month, a DVD repackage of the original PRESS START that bluntly echoes the title logo of a certain Disney smash hit about the personal lives of video game characters who break free from programmed scenarios. Why yes, Vanellope, there is a similarity between your Hollywood vehicle and the equally fun homegrown opus which (unofficially?) inspired it!

~ Jason Pankoke

PRESS START re-release (Dark Maze Studios)

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