C-U blogging to pause ‘til Sept.

Good morning, lovely consumers of all the news we can muster on the movies of Champaign, Urbana, and the cities beyond! We’re letting you know we will be paring down front-page activity on C-U Blogfidential to a bare minimum for a few weeks starting next Monday, July 1. Forces must be marshalled at MFHQ as we move forward on a brand-new C-U Confidential issue for the fall as well as one or two other potential surprises, necessitating the move. Please keep an eye on us for weekly Calendars and potential breaking news, but otherwise we hope you use the remaining summertime to the fullest for fun, family, and filmmaking! Expect regular posting to resume in September right before we roll out CUZine #7, which will be made available for free to discerning attendees at several late-year cultural events to be announced.

One additional future milestone we’ll announce is ace independent comics artist and historian Steven Bissette (Taboo, The Saga of the Swamp Thing, Tyrant) will be including a vintage MICRO-FILM article in his upcoming volume, Forbidden Films Vol. 1 (SpiderBaby Publications). Our MF 4 cover story on the underground cult musical EXISTO will be paired with fresh interviews featuring the film’s lead actor, Bruce Arnston, and director/producer Coke Sams. We’re ecstatic to help shed 21st century light on this near-forgotten exercise in artistic bohemian paranoia! Release date and availability will be confirmed on CUBlog after we return; Bissette tells your humble editor that he is aiming for a fall debut and print-on-demand distribution.

All that said, don’t think for one minute our cornucopia of C-U cultural discourse will run dry between now and next week! Watch for a one-shot C-U Film Leader to cover several current topics alongside a handful of short, sweet musings on past movie culture history … including yet another reprint opportunity, of sorts.

Cheers to you and beers to you, gang!

~ Jason Pankoke

p.s. Extreme apologies to Beatallica for co-opting a lyric just now. We’ll let all you rockin’ non-posers figure out what it is.

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