SP.com profiles CUBlog & JaPan

Greetings, folks! Just wanted to point your attention to a nice little article which saw the light of day back on Tuesday, March 17, courtesy of the Champaign-Urbana culture site Smile Politely. Said article profiles your humble editor in terms of ushering one project to its natural end (MICRO-FILM) while stoking the fires for its children to keep fighting the good fight (C-U Confidential, C-U Blogfidential) utilizing, as always, his own ways and means. I thought the piece by man-about-town Joel Gillespie came off well, and I like the incentive that he’s taking to interview C-U bloggers of all stripes and direct the general public’s attention to their words and ideas.

Tidbits exclusive to the piece include the first news about our inaugural CUZine movie show scheduled during this year’s Boneyard Arts Festival as well as the first-ever published photo taken deep inside the caverns of the Secret MICRO-FILM Headquarters! I have plans to double that pleasure during the next few days so keep your peepers glued right here to CUBlog!

We’ll otherwise be pretty light with our posting over the next few weeks as we get deep into production on the new issue of CUZine and preparation for the movie show, although I can promise that we’ll be wrapping up our “Ebertfest” article series and running an interview feature on the documentary HOOPESTON before Boneyard and Roger Ebert’s Film Festival come ’round in April.

~ Jason Pankoke

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