IOW: Oh, beer, they’re at it again!

Unlike our previous “Image of the Week,” which all but required exposition to set up what our dearest readers would be watching in the videos shared, the viral entertainment today is so self-explanatory we’re simply going to kick up our feet at the Secret MICRO-FILM Headquarters and casually implore every one of you to press “play.” (Don’t worry. We’ll wait.) And, if you do not find yourself humming or toe-tapping along with it – let alone popping open a bottle of either beverage in question by the time its joyful noise concludes – you simply owe yourself a long, hard look in the mirror:

What We Drink,” the ninth episode of the UP THE CREEK Webisode comedy from Joe Taylor and Sleepy Creek Vineyards in Fairmount, IL, stars the usual gang of crazies at their ir(resist)able best: Mike Boedicker, Kayla Johnson, Julia Megan Sullivan, Tim Meyers, Matt Hester, Thomas Nicol, Bill Kephart, and Mike Trippiedi. You can catch up with their adventures on Blip.TV, and may they return soon with refreshed spirits … so to speak!

~ Jason Pankoke

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