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Followers of the movies of Champaign, Urbana, and the cities beyond, tonight is your night! The fifth annual New Art Film Festival, presented by C-U Confidential in association with the 2014 Boneyard Arts Festival and co-sponsored by the Art Theater Co-op, ThirdSide, Champaign Movie Makers, and Shatterglass Studios, runs later this fine Sunday at the Art, 126 W. Church St., in downtown Champaign, Illinois, from 5 p.m. until the stroke of Midnight! Admission is free and you can come and go as you please. Of course, if we had a say, you’d stay for the entire program of almost 30 films produced in part or whole by your friends and neighbors in the C-U region, but that’s just us thinking positive!

The entire schedule appears below for your convenience. Please review, pick your flicks, and start making your way over to the best little movie house in Champaign County for our unique collection, the likes of which we can absolutely call our own. The NAFF relies on the artists whose hard work appears on that screen as well as the behind-the-scenes guiding lights who help make your humble editor-turned-programmer’s job a lot easier than it could be, but our show is worth nothing if you don’t show.

In other words, be there!

~ Jason Pankoke


New Art Film Festival – Complete Schedule
@ The Art Theater Co-op, Champaign, IL
April 13, 2014, 5 p.m.-Midnight


5 p.m. – Introductions
+ Documentary Shorts

ORDINARY VIDEO SERIES, #1, “Images for Airports”
2013, 3 min., Directed by David Gracon, Champaign, IL
This surreal video observes a waiting area where passengers immersed in their laptops and flat screen televisions seemingly fail to notice a playful group of birds and plant life around them.

2013, 5 min., Directed by Angela Aguayo, Carbondale, IL
Darryl digs graves at a rural Midwestern cemetery established in 1863. His daily tasks are common, routine, and mostly unnoticed, yet watching over these grounds also means knowing how history flows through the ritual practices of burying the dead.

ORDINARY VIDEO SERIES, #3, “Hardcore Will Never Die”
2013, 2 min., Directed by David Gracon, Champaign, IL
This experimental video observes a hardcore music subculture and anarchistic ritual.

2013, 16 min., Directed by Will Hagle & Joe Hood, Humble Mumbler Productions, Champaign, IL
This short documentary details the history of rock music in the former Czechoslovakia, exploring how their music scene was affected by Communism and the fall of the Iron Curtain.

2013, 33 min., Directed by Griffin Hammond, Bloomington, IL
Sriracha has earned a cult following, but the story of this spicy sauce is a mystery to most fans. Dedicated to sriracha lovers, this fast-paced documentary travels around the globe to reveal its origin and the man behind the iconic “rooster sauce.”

6:30 p.m. – Feature

THE DRUNK (drama)
2014, 90 min., Directed by William Tanoos & Paul Fleschner, Tanoos Fleschner Pictures, Los Angeles, CA
Starring William Tanoos, Paul Fleschner, Tom Sizemore, Jesse Ventura, Maura Kidwell
The legendary labor leader, Eugene V. Debs, was a five-time presidential candidate and champion of the working class. His hard-drinking grandson, Joe Debs, is an apathetic curator at the Eugene V. Debs museum in small town Indiana. One day, Joe is arrested for drunk driving, the beginning of a wake-up call that stirs his longings for political justice and leads to a run for Indiana governor against a corrupt prosecuting attorney and old family rival, Bruce Frye.

8:30 p.m. – Narrative Shorts I

CARROT CORN (comedy/animation)
2014, 2 min., Directed by Thomas Nicol, QuantumCat Animation, Champaign, IL
Two friends try to enjoy a movie in spite of each other.

STARDUST (dark comedy)
2013, 4 min., Directed by Mike Trippiedi, Shut Up and Do It Productions, Champaign, IL
Allergens from outer space can give you the most curious sneezes.

2013, 10 min., Directed by Anne Lukeman, Railsplitter Media/Pens to Lens, Champaign, IL
A young girl and boy try to dig a tunnel to Greenland to see snow and ice during the summertime.

2014, 3 min., Directed by Jeremiah Stanley, Two Beards Films, Champaign, IL
A man struggles to find solace without his love. Memories flood his mind as he is consumed by what was and what could have been.

THE HOBO (comedy)
2013, 16 min., Directed by Andy Due & Dustin Tylman, Rubber Chicken Films, Charleston, IL
A relatively silent comedy about the mishaps of a traveling hobo.

THE ART OF PULLING (music video)
2014, 4 min., Directed by Christopher J. Sotelo & Oliver Peng, Chris & Oliver Cinema, Champaign, IL
Music by Elsinore
“The Art of Pulling” is a wake-up call of a song. It’s about getting up and doing something.

2014, 7 min., Directed by Robin Berthier, MBC Productions, Champaign, IL/Paris, France
Martin lives in a world where proximity is a necessity. After a particularly eventful day, however, Martin discovers the power of detaching himself from the crowd.

2013, 5 min., Directed by Matt Harsh, HarsH Pro.Video, Urbana, IL
Music by Sun Stereo
A young man working a low-pay job at a burger joint dreams about escaping the daily grind.

2013, 8 min., Directed by Thomas Nicol, QuantumCat Animation/Pens to Lens, Champaign, IL
A little girl’s favorite stuffed animal is kidnapped and brought to life by her evil genius baby brother.

2013, 4 min., Directed by Chris Eitel, Seven by Six Design, Fernandina Beach, FL
Music by The Fights
“I Should Have Loved You” is a bar fight love story.

SILENT BUT DEADLY (dark comedy)
2013, 6 min., Directed by Andrew Gleason, Sleepy Creek Films, Oakwood, IL
Two very peculiar men build towards a very interesting confrontation, all set in motion by events in their pasts.

10:15 p.m. – Narrative Shorts II

Trailer: DEAD THERAPY (thriller)
2014, 1 min., short directed by Jeff Kacmarynski, Vision Test Productions, Urbana, IL
Five survivors … a broken world … grief can kill.

THE LIGHT (dark comedy)
2013, 5 min., Directed by Tim Meyers, Urbana, IL
A dying woman and her minister discover the light at the end of life.

2013, 1 min., Directed by Chris & Anne Lukeman, Champaign, IL
This infomercial is guaranteed to keep you awake at night.

2013, 5 min., Directed by Thomas Nicol, QuantumCat Animation, Champaign, IL
Inspired by the true story of a little boy on his first camping trip, faced with an impossible choice.

SHOT ON SIGHT (music video)
2008, 5 min., Directed by Johnnie May, Tabletop Studios, Madison, WI
Music by Mad Science Fair
A boy and his former gal pal reunite over drinks.

2013, 8 min., Directed by Andy Due, Rubber Chicken Films, Charleston, IL
This documentary looks at the hippie culture of the late 1960s with the story of who “dropped out.”

DEADLY EMBRACE (drama/noir)
2013, 22 min., Directed by Alaric Rocha, Blue Bassoon Pictures, Chicago, IL
Robert’s dreary life is shattered by the Argentine tango and a dancer named Elena.

STILL (music video)
2014, 3 min., Directed by Matt Harsh & Sam Ambler, HarsH Pro.Video/Ambler Video, Urbana, IL
Music by Megan Johns & Moonwish
Chiaroscuro emotions fill this void.

INTO THE GLASS (experimental)
2012, 3 min., Directed by Grant Czadzeck, Bad Winter Productions, Chicago, IL
Josh is a young man stuck in the repetitive cycle of everyday life. Eventually he cannot even escape the prison in which he lives.

ACROSS THE WAY (thriller)
2013, 23 min., Directed by Shan Peng, Urbana, IL
Across the Way tells the story of a young investigative journalist, Zhang, who sees something he might wish he hadn’t.

UP THE CREEK: Episode 9, “What We Drink” (“sipcom”)
2013, 5 min., Directed by Joe Taylor, Sleepy Creek Films, Oakwood, IL
The gang is whining after a long day of work at the winery and they let Grant have it the only way they know how … through song!


As always, titles and sequence are subject to change without notice.

The 2014 New Art Film Festival is presented by C-U Confidential and sponsored by the Art Theater Co-op, ThirdSide, Champaign Movie Makers, and Shatterglass Studios.

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