IOW: Good “Stuff” fuels benefit

Gang! We recently mused about the patchy history of Champaign-Urbana related music videos, wherein we failed to address … oh, hell’s bells, you heard that broken record already, didn’t you? At times we forget what we have or have not posted on C-U Blogfidential, such as accidentally neglecting to include Third Stone in the above-linked article due to their entertaining self-promotional shorts. Our topic of the second linked story, tuneful television in the C-U, brings us hope that our favorite local metal-heads will find fresh 21st century avenues through which to shred the souls of the masses. Currently they’ve branched out into creative merchandising, if the following commercial touting “The Stuff” hair care product is to be believed:

More importantly, they’ll brandish big hearts for a good cause when headlining the third night of Rod Sickler’s Red Hot Summerfest this Friday, July 25, 11 p.m., at Cowboy Monkey, 6 Taylor St., Champaign. Join the guys – Bryce Johnson, Tom Grassman, David Ward, and Jeff Markland – along with opening act Brandon T. Washington (10 p.m.) as they rawk downtown to raise money for helping ease the medical and hospital bills of Dylan Lyons, an outgoing Danville teenager and budding sound engineer who suffered serious injuries after being struck by a pair of vehicles in January. Always consider lending a hand to the heirs apparent of our fine and performing arts legacy, dearest scenesters!

You can visit this Web site for more information about Dylan’s challenges and the other acts playing SOMA Ultralounge on Wednesday and the Monkey on Thursday and Saturday during Summerfest.

~ Jason Pankoke

p.s. For those sorely lacking in Third Stone street cred, The Stuff is their first album released by defunct Champaign label Hammerhead Records way back in 1993. Surf here for more on that action.

p.s.2 Obviously, the “Stuff” hawked by Grassman and Johnson is not the same as the parasitic dessert in Larry Cohen’s consumerism horror-comedy THE STUFF (1985) starring Michael Moriarty (LAW & ORDER). We wouldn’t eat this “Stuff,” either! At the same time, Slick, slather on at your own risk…

p.s.3 The “Stuff” gag partly refers to Sickler’s career as a stylist and salon proprietor. One of his venues, frequented by your humble editor and fellow Champaign indie publisher-socialite Jason Croft of Bachelor Pad Magazine, is Clutch Cuts, fashioned as a garage-turned-man cave. While those in the know could easily surmise which decorations occupy Java’s eyeballs, it’s a little-known secret the main attraction for Mr. JaPan – apart from quality shearing and the friendly staff – is an autographed one-sheet from THE LIFE AQUATIC WITH STEVE ZISSOU hanging inside the front entrance. Jeal-ous!

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