IOW: “Priceless” right for B-fans

We continue to bring the Halloween in this month’s “Images of the Week” here on C-U Blogfidential, just for our dearest bleeders! Today we’ll focus on film appreciation with a horror bent as we investigate the YouTube series “Priceless B Movies,” hosted by Colin Price of Champaign. While nothing earth-shattering in terms of production or presentation – the lanky Price addresses his Webcam to talk about B-list efforts, hailing mostly from the Eighties and Nineties, with crowded home entertainment shelf as his backdrop and occasional cut-in graphics as illustration – “Priceless” allows its namesake to cover this ground with well-reasoned, articulate commentary and flashes of knowing humor. We’ve chosen three episodes to embed below as a sampler, starting with the debut from May highlighting Price’s favorite horror romp of that key era, NIGHT OF THE DEMONS (1988), featuring “scream queen” Linnea Quigley; believe it or not, she figures in a low-budget project du C-U that we’ll be discussing soon! In the middle is his take on the critically acclaimed Australian tale THE BABADOOK (2014), starring Essie Davis in a ferocious central performance; your humble editor is glad to have made this familial boogeyman flick one of his final rental videos from That’s Rentertainment. The last example is also the most recent, in which Price gives hearty praise to one of the few Hollywood releases ever covered in-depth on CUBlog, THE CELL (2000), stylist Tarsem Singh’s serial killer opus starring Jennifer Lopez, Vince Vaughn, and Vincent D’Onofrio. Clearly, this sideline has provided a valuable outlet for the budding screenwriter and novelist; a prolific outpouring of 40-plus reviews and essays can now be watched on-line while teasers for future analyses are regularly posted on Facebook. Look for future reports on his and partner Lissa Massa’s other film adventures right here!

~ Jason Pankoke

p.s. You’re welcome, “Bleeder Hunter D.”

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