CMM sponsors film shoot, mixer

It looks like things are brewing in deepest Urbana where Johnny Robinson has been plotting upgrades in the Champaign Movie Makers collective he launched a year-ish ago to the delight of local filmmakers interested in more than the average backyard production. Not only has he scored vital column inches in the local press to plug CMM, such as this profile which ran Sunday, August 9, in The News-Gazette, but also engineered a pair of club-sponsored occurrences which will be converging very shortly at a sleepy winery near us!

As the drowsy populace awoke to read about Robinson at their leisure, a crack team of CMM stalwarts got to work early Sunday morning as they took over the Senator’s Inn in Savoy to film the club’s first-ever lab project, QUAINT. Written by Robinson and Bill Kephart, the scene concerns “a brother and sister [who] deal with changes in their relationship that effects their family business” as said siblings, played by Kephart and Stephanie Swearingen, argue with the latter’s friend (Thomas Nicol) about whether she should move to Chicago for school. Julia Megan Sullivan directed while Robinson produced and ran sound, Bill Yauch acted as DP, and Mike Boedicker operated the camera. Joe Taylor also filmed behind-the-scenes material.

QUAINT will premiere on the evening of Saturday, August 22, at the first Champaign Movie Makers Mixer, an arts-filled public event to take place beginning at 7 p.m. on the grounds of Taylor’s Sleepy Creek Vineyards in rural Fairmount, located off of I-74 near Danville. Several locally-made short films will screen in a loop along with QUAINT, while the live-action festivities will incorporate dance, comedy, and music along with wine tasting. More detailed information should be announced shortly at the CMM Yahoo! Group and during next week’s monthly meeting, the day/time/place of which we will post right here at C-U Blogfidential as soon as it is confirmed!

~ Jason Pankoke

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