Pardon our digital dust…

Hear that clanging, buzzing, tap-tap-tapping in the background? Those are the sounds of your editor and Webmaster working hard on some long-overdue additions to C-U Blogfidential as promised in the Year 2 manifesto (see item: 2/26/07).

As proof, I direct your attentionĀ to the Pages linked in the right-hand column. During the next few weeks, the majority of them will seemingly blossom overnight with useful and unique information about CUBlog and the film culture that it covers.

Our first batch of updated Pages includes “General Information,” “Letters to the Editor,” “Pankoke du C-U,” and “Rolling Credits.” You will also discover CUBlog‘s first online bell-and-whistle under “General Information” – a sign-up field for the brand new C-U Confidential Telegraph newsletter! While you’re here, why not get on the list?

We’ll let you know when further improvements and goodies make their way to the site. Thanks in advance for checking these out!

~ Jason Pankoke

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