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C-U Blogfidential (est. February 2006) and its companion print digest, C-U Confidential (est. April 2007) cover the history of film and filmmaking in downstate Illinois. They also provide an ever-growing information base that local and visiting filmmakers can use to augment their production, exhibition, and promotion needs. C-U Confidential originated as a segment in the Champaign, Illinois-based independent film journal, MICRO-FILM, in 1999.


Write for us!

We will consider article pitches or submissions on a case-by-case basis. We would primarily be interested in short features about upcoming film/video projects, personable columns about some aspect of contemporary movie culture, short interview pieces with individuals involved in film production, promotion, and education, and photo-features taken at public events or on a film set. These pieces should establish a legitimate connection or concern with the geographic region that C-U Blogfidential services, the middle and southern portions of Illinois. Potential authors, photographers, and artists will be required to provide sample work upon request.


Work with us!

We are always looking for behind-the-scenes volunteers to help us improve all aspects of C-U Blogfidential. If you are interested in filmmaking that is “not Hollywood … not even Indiewood” and believe your talents can be put to good use with us in areas such as design, promotion, and archiving, please contact the editor with any questions. Students who are currently enrolled in college in downstate Illinois should inquire about internship opportunities.




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