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C-U Blogfidential editor Jason Pankoke was a resident of Champaign, Illinois, from October 1993 to January 2021. He grew up in the west/southwest suburbs of Chicago, graduated from Waubonsie Valley High School in Aurora in 1989, and earned a BFA degree from Illinois Wesleyan University in Bloomington in 1993.

His professional and volunteer pursuits have primarily fallen in the areas of communications and the arts. In Champaign, he worked for a publishing company, full-service printer, and former alternative weekly. He had been a deejay on community radio, jack-of-all-trades for an independent film festival, and designer and illustrator for numerous projects. He had also written dozens of articles, reviews, and essays for local, regional, and national publications including his own, MICRO-FILM and C-U Confidential.

He otherwise led a modest bachelor’s life, holding down the fort in the Sesquicentennial Neighborhood next to downtown Champaign. His mother Pat and stepfather Carl lived in northern Illinois before their passing in 2022. His brother Eric, a computer programmer and pocket PC fanatic, lives in northern Indiana with his wife and three children.


Employment du C-U

Adept Content Solutions (2011-), Publication Services, Inc. (2006-2011, 2002–2004, 1993–2000), Crouse Printing & Mail Order, Inc. (2004–2006), The Octopus (2000–2001)


Volunteerism du C-U

Damian Duffy Hates Everything podcast (co-host and Man Cookie maker, 2012-2018), Eye Trauma Comix (resident mole, 2005–2008), Illini Film & Video (friend of the club, 2000–2020), Freaky Film Festival (jack-of-all-trades, 1997–2000), WEFT 90.1 FM (deejay & rabble rouser, 1995–1998)


Freelance Contributions & Graphics

Bachelor Pad Magazine (2007–2013, 2020-), The Eclectic Screening Room zine (2007), Sirens of Cinema magazine (2006), The Paper (C-U, 2004), Mediageek zine (C-U, 2003), Public i (C-U, 2002–), Eyeball zine (2002), Razorcake zine (2002), Serv-U (C-U, 2001–2002), Low Hug zine (C-U, 2000–2002), Alternative Cinema magazine (1998), Escapist magazine (B-N, 1998), WEFT Revue (C-U, 1996–1997), Fangoria magazine (1996), The Octopus (C-U, 1995–2001), Scary Monsters magazine (1994–1997), Clockwatch Review (B-N, 1992)


Under the Opteryx

Micro-Film: The Warning Shot zine | March 1999 | one-shot
MICRO-FILM magazine | October 1999–October 2005 | 7 issues
MICRO-FILM weblog | October 2005–November 2011
C-U Blogfidential weblog | February 2006–present
C-U Confidential zine | April 2007–present | 10 issues
New Art Film Festival | April 2010-present | 9 shows




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