Coming Soon: Sept-Nov 2008

The following special events and meetings are “coming soon” to the area between September and November. Please support this diverse film programming by attending, spreading the word, and becoming active!

If you haven’t discerned it yet, we’ve relegated “Coming Soon” to an occasional round-up instead of a regular fixture. It became clear that compiling and contextualizing this sort of information takes quality time and honest work in order to do it accurately, which also affects our efforts to post other kinds of material on C-U Blogfidential. And so it goes with a regular staff of one.

We will soon be working with outside forces to remedy this situation with a calendar application that filmmakers, educators, and promoters may use to submit timely events of a local nature. Until then, feel free to send your scoop to cuconfidential [at] gmail [dot] com.


Tuesday, September 9, 8 p.m.: Loosely picking up where the late CU Video Group left off, Champaign Movie Makers meets once a month throughout the academic year to connect individuals interested in creatively exploring independent filmmaking. @ Shatterglass Studios, 803 Kettering Park Dr., Urbana. Click for more

Tuesday, September 9 through Sunday, September 28: Leave it to Beyond Normal Films, the “house cineastes” over at the Normal Theater, to load up their biannual “Choice” movie marathons with quality (and mostly obscure) international cinema. For once, we’re actually batting under .500 in the “heardaboutit” category with only IN BRUGES (9/11-12) and Martin Scorcese‘s SHINE A LIGHT (9/25-26, 9/28) ringing a bell. Up your cred by also checking out THE PRICE OF SUGAR (9/9-10), PRICELESS (9/13-14), THE SINGING REVOLUTION (9/16-17), MISS PETTIGREW LIVES FOR A DAY (9/18-19), THEN SHE FOUND ME (9/20-21), and the Manhattan Short Film Festival (9/27), since it would be a cold day in heck before a C-U theater would run a compact and diverse program such as this. @ The Normal Theater, 209 North St., Normal. Click for more

Thursday, September 11, 5:30 p.m.: The IPRH Film Series returns with a screening and discussion of 8 1/2 (1963), directed by Federico Fellini and starring Marcello Mastroianni, and how it relates to the year-long theme of “Disciplinarity: Films on Film.” The series will continue with HEARTS OF DARKNESS (1991, Oct. 9), ED WOOD (1994, Oct. 30), and SINGIN’ IN THE RAIN (1952, Nov. 13). Sponsored by the Illinois Program for Research in the Humanities. @ KAM Auditorium (Room 62), Krannert Art Museum, UIUC, 500 E. Peabody Dr., Champaign. Free. Click for more

Thursday, September 11, 6:30 p.m.: The Head Honcho, Skip Huston, kicks off yet another film class tonight under the theme, “Politics at the Movies.” Per Mr. Skip’s protocol, identities of said films won’t be revealed until showtime, which means eight consecutive weekly secrets held closely under his protective thumb. Can you stand the suspense? Offered by Richland Community College. @ The Avon Theatre, 426 N. Water St., Decatur. $80 (registration fee). Write skip [at] theavon [dot] com with your nonpartisan pleas to sign up at the last minute, or arrive early to lobby your Richland representative right there in the Avon lobby!


We will also entertain the thought of taking on an Events Editor who would preview and review the types of happenings listed above. If interested in getting your journalistic film fix by giving CUBlog a little boost with your efforts, write us today!

~ Jason Pankoke

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