Best. CUBlog. Posts. EVER. Pt.5

We hope everyone is doing well as we head into The Annual Week When All Movie Heck Breaks Loose in Champaign-Urbana™! To augment your enjoyment of cinematic stimulation in the C-U, we have two groupings left to share of five key posts from the first five years of C-U Blogfidential’s existence. We’ll even tell you a little bit about why we chose the ones we did! Feel free to thumb through and read what has gone before; leave Comments below about those stories or your own favorite CUBlog entries.

~ Jason Pankoke

Select C-U Blogfidential Stories, 2006-2011
Part 5 of 6

Flix houses nixed in Normal,” 12/13/09 – Another instance where out-of-reach circumstance causes the hairs on our necks to bristle a bit, we can’t help but feel for employees every time a movie theater goes down for the count, no matter how iconic or ignominious a space. We shout out to the owners of operational silver screens nationwide who are battling market forces to keep their front doors open.

“‘Knife’ #2: ALL WE HAD and more,” 9/23/09 – Bylines not bearing your editor’s name are a rarity on CUBlog, yet we’re humble enough to realize contributors’ words can add great variety to our coverage when it’s available. Therefore, we shout out to Michelle Elizabeth Kaffko for being the first to give it a serialized shot with her “A Knife in a Gun FightChicago column. Encore, encore!

View a Quantum of Awesomeness,” 12/8/2008 – The general public inherently understands how touching and personable the moving image can be; no subset understands this better than the media makers themselves. We shout out to hopelessly creative romantics like Chris Lukeman (at the link below) and Don Ferguson (right here) for daring to show hearts upon sleeves for all to see!

APE screams WEREWOLF Oct. 13,” 10/13/08Brainsmart Productions has this strange aura that triggers an otherwise dormant sliver of your humble editor’s personality, transforming his whole being into something inexplicably weird. Or, maybe this shift can be blamed on the PBR and Old Style he tends to drink when Jason Butler is in town. We shout out “to all our friends!”

Q&A du C-U: Eleanore Stasheff,” 1/17/07 – We’ll reiterate from Part 3 that we hold dear all our full-length interviews, although this one with C-U native “Miss Yibble” takes the cake for highest concentration of sugar, spice, slugs, snails, and sheer irreverence. We shout out to all champions of genre and the low-brow who make it worth their viewers’ while to tag along simply to have fun.

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