Ad booking begins for CUZine #10


Last week, we asked for your participation in our festival by the act of entering your films. This week, we ask for your participation in our print digest by the act of placing your advertising messages. The end goal between them differs because “the show must go on” no matter if you respond to our invitation or not, dearest reader-filmmakers, but we cannot hit the press without a definitive push from our community and clientele. We’re bouncing back from a highly disappointing response to our springtime pitches and trying again as of this past Tuesday, July 17, to drum up what we need to place C-U Confidential issue 10 in the hands of our friends and neighbors for free, so make note of our new booking deadline on Friday, August 10, if you are interested. At this point, there is no reason to keep from you the contents that we formerly teased as “a century-old movie house, an unheralded student film journal, a secret screening venue [and] a daredevil stunt team” when we can just say CUZine will take a look at the Avon Theater of Decatur, the MacGuffin cinema journal made by University of Illinois students in the past, the Hallways Microcinema concealed near downtown Champaign, and the vintage documentary about Danville’s former Death Riders Motorcycle Thrill Show. We have reasons to print and hope you find reasons to enable us.

Please access the revised rate sheet here and send messages to cuconfidential [at] gmail [dot] com if purchasing space, asking questions, or donating funds through PayPal. Thanks!

~ Jason Pankoke

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