CUZine drive starts Cyber Monday

Due to the holiday stretch that is almost upon us and your humble editor’s desire to design our campaign as effectively as possible, we’ve decided to take advantage of the Small Business Saturday-to-Cyber Monday window for launching our effort to fund C-U Confidential issue 10. The GoFundMe drive will last from Monday, November 26, through Sunday, December 30, with the intent to place our mag around Champaign-Urbana for the browsing by the time spring semester begins at the University of Illinois. We’ll be asking for $1,000 or more from our dearest readers, colleagues, and friends to match an expected $1,000 in advertising sales so we can afford our printing budget. We’ll post once again when it’s live, don’t you worry! Until then, we’ll have two or three articles to share, Calendars that will come bearing knowledge gifts in the form of Almanac entries, and good tidings for all in the hopes that as a community, nation, and world we can start to turn around some of the idiocy and ills that plague us. Cheers!

~ Jason Pankoke


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