‘Shows’ page details past NAFFs


What kinds of arts, crafts, and personal projects have you been busying yourselves with while sheltering at home, dearest readers? Here at MFHQ Remote, I’m keeping the film faith with C-U Blogfidential and related shenanigans that led me to board the New Art Film Festival train a little while longer and devote some locomotion to a destination I’ve let slide. The timing of the 10th anniversary of the NAFF, which made its debut April 15-20, 2010, and the potential shuttering of the event website inspired me to compile a long-intended “Picture Shows” page using the details of our local movie showcase as building blocks. A few years ago, I deleted several of the informational Pages you see linked above the blogroll in the right-hand column because they seemed immaterial or a slog to update. Certain ones remain to be merged or revamped while several others are on the list for future introduction when I can give them the proper attention. As you can see for yourselves, I managed to engage in Page Möde over the weekend.

“Picture Shows” is a devoted chronology of all film programs we’ve been directly involved with. To keep it straightforward, I’m leaving out events where I personally pitched in as a judge, speaker, writer, or voice of reason in the planning stages. You can search for mentions of those, such as the unsung IMC Film Festival or the sorely-missed Octopus genre festivals, using the handy blank box above the Pages menu. While our public dimension has been mostly tied to the NAFF in the past decade, several short-run and one-off presentations will be added soon and reach back into the MICRO-FILM years, some to appear on CUBlog for the first time. Don’t forget to visit the “Periodicals” page for information on the C-U Confidential and CineMicroGraph runs as well as the “Plot Points” page to marvel at the film culture milestones our friends and neighbors have powered! Both of these will be expanded in the very near future. Always feel free to drop us a line if you have Page suggestions that we might consider.

You should also be sure to browse CUBlog in a couple of days, for I will have one more NAFF-related prompt before we break and pursue other topics in the merry month of May. Don’t go far!

~ Jason Pankoke

p.s. I look like I should be hosting an episode of INDEPENDENT FILM FESTIVAL: IMPOSSIBLE in the below photograph, shouldn’t I? Spoiler alert – mission accomplished!


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