Kate’s vid offers nothing but JOY

One thing we rarely get to see is student filmmaking that is created to fulfill class assignments. Presumably this was the initial motivation behind the video linked below since the young lady who made it, Kate Hathaway, is much better known for her musicianship as one-half of the Rossville duo, The Hathaways, who are currently touring and playing in Peru. (That would be the country of Peru in South America, not the city of Peru as in La Salle-Peru, Illinois.) Paired with some parting words to their friends and fans, Kate revealed that she had this to share:

People about town have most likely seen or run into Charles Joseph Smith, a Chicago native who holds multiple music-related degrees including a doctorate from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. He also is an artist in myriad avenues, the most overt of which is offered in the title of Kate’s piece, THE JOY PIANIST, and exemplified by compositions which can be streamed on his MySpace page. All this, while struggling to keep autism (which is addressed half-way through JOY) in check every day of his life. We hope that Smith continues to bring the joy to wherever he chooses to dance the night away, and thank Kate for this little peek into his poetry.

~ Jason Pankoke

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